Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday I embarked on a walk with my friend, Phyllis.  She is in the army, although now inactive duty, but still needs to do her PT tests etc and needs to keep her distance and time up.  So she said she walks about 4 miles and then invited me to join her when I told her I walk, too!  So yesterday morning she texted me, I threw on my walkers and drove over to her house.  It was a GLORIOUS morning for a walk!  it was about 64 degrees, the sun was out, it was perfect!  We walked and we talked and kept up pace - that is so nice.  Sometimes I'll walk with people, and the more they talk the slower they walk!  I was worried my feet or knee would hurt, and my feet once ached as we turned the 2nd corner, and I thought, OH NO!:  But that was it.  And once coming up a hill I turned and got a tweek in my knee, but that's it!  I took my ibuprofen ahead of time and afterwards, and I think that helped.  All in all we walked 4.4 miles in one hour and twenty minutes.  So that's about 3.5 mph - not too bad!  We are going to walk 5 miles Thursday!
I ate well, other than after Brownie scouts,we went to my parents house where Cory and Owen were working and they ordered pizza.  Now what am I supposed to eat?!  Usually mom has lettuce I thought at least I could eat some salad - nope!  So I had 1 slice of cheese only pizza.  I so wanted to go back for some pepperoni, but I didnt!  I had my veggie sandwich for lunch earlier and Multigrain Cheerios for breakfast, so I did pretty well.  When I got home I drank a Slimfast.  I expected big changes on the scale, but no- of course not.  I'm starting to really hate that scale.
Anyway - hoping for another beautiful day here in the South!

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Kathi said...

Great job on the walk!