Monday, March 7, 2011

My Path This Week

Okay this is going to be a trying week.  Lots to do and lots of things going on.
Today, after dropping off the kids I have to run up to the church and drop off the Communion bread Elaine and I made.  Also, we are taking our lame duck computer in to have looked at for it's constant over heating.  Which means I will not have internet usage other than my Nookcolor until it returns.  And if you think I have typos now - bwah haw haw  We have to figure out costumes for both kids for the character book parade this week, too!  Tomorrow dad and my uncle come home from their cruise and of course we'll want to visit.  On a side note I have a coffee date with my uncle that will most likely occur during the day which interrupts my work.  Tuesday is Brownie scouts so I also need to get down to the Scout shop to pick up badges and we need to finish Elaine's study on Girl Scouts in India.  Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and church service is at 7pm.  Thursday is the actual character parade which I will attend and have to make up my time later in the day.  Friday starts the kids spring break so they'll be home - which means I need to switch my hours around.  All that AND I still want to walk everyday - if I can. 
This morning the scale has jumped 4 pounds since my lowest weight last week.  Sure I've had wine and pizza, but the rest of the week I was sooooooooo good!
I'm going to breathe, drink my coffee, then replace that with lots of water and take this day by day!
Here is to a Happy Healthy Week!!!!!

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