Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stopping Here

I got to thinking as I'm starting this year long journey, I should probably leave behind anything from before.  I didn't really want to start yet another blog, but I felt I needed a clean slate, one less confusing,.
So....please go to

to continue following me on this year of uncertainty.

I will not be updated THIS BLOG for at least a year.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Progress and update

Well it's almost been a month.
I'll get the good news out of the way - I have lost 3 pounds.  Yeay me!
Since my last post, I fell out of the attic and injured myself - losing several days of doing anything except a walk I attempted to loosen up and only ended up in a lot of pain and my kids having to help me home.  Dumb.  Also I got the stomach flu - YEAY!!!!  I don't mean that sarcastically - although I was probably the sickest I've even been with a stomach flu, I thought certainly I had to lose 5 pounds through that alone.  NOPE!  the scale NEVER MOVED ONE OUNCE!!!!!  Not ONE OUNCE!  I thought my scale was broken.  I changed the battery.  I weighed myself in different rooms of the house.  I weighed myself at night.  I weighed myself in the morning.  It NEVER CHANGED!  Today I got on the scale, and it changed, but not to my liking. 
One other ailment I've had since December it an itch and a rash.  Both are oh so pleasant (now, that, is sarcasm).  Three prescriptions with 2 refills of each of them and 3 dr visits later, they've finally decided to send me to a dermatologist.  I go Tuesday.
I had a few good days last week - eating veggies again enjoying salads!!!  Then what happened????
I woke up again sick on Saturday.  I think, though, with the beautiful weather of spring happening it might be allergies.  I've tried Claritin without relief and I've tried Dayquil (incase it was another cold) without relief.  So I'm down  to trying sinus meds tonight.  Both my kids have it, too.
So I've not had the greatest test month with my new plan, but....
Something dawned on me the other day.  I was reminded of a video I watched this summer.
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.
Here is the extended trailer - please watch it....

Watching this video this summer my husband and I were both shocked and wide eyed.  We started the Dr Oz 3 day cleanse and then it fell off to the way side. 
This weekend, though, I was thinking, I never used to get sick as often as I do now.  And this rash?!?!
So the juicing thought came back up again.  I decided to mention it to my husband.  To my surprise, he said he was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to mention it.  So we discussed both of our health and what we could be doing to improve it.  We finally agreed that we were going to give juicing a try.  Coincidentally I saw a infomercial on a juicer.  I did a little research, asked a few people, found one or two that had this juicer and we finally made the purchase tonight.  We decided not to go with a high dollar one, because in terms of juicers high dollar can be $300-$400.  We're not ready for that commitment.  But the reviews on this one were pretty good.  So we're going to try it.

Just returned from the store with my Tylenol Sinus in hand and on my 2nd tumbler of 16oz of water this evening.  So hopefully things will start improving!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014


At first that expression was going to be added as sarcasm at my own lack of motivation.  But when I searched that phrase on Google, I found the above picture.  And  I no longer felt the sarcasm. 
Instead, I felt forgiveness and compassion.  Some people are good with tough motivation, JUST DO IT attitudes.  I'm not like that in the weight loss department.  I'm not really good at that with anything I'm struggling with, but certainly not weight loss.  This is where I need an, "I understand"  "Of course"  "You'll get thru this" "baby steps"

Today is Monday.  I hope to start again today and start on the right foot.  I started by stepping on the scale and I think I now weigh the most I ever have.    Yesterday it was 50 degrees and sunny.  I drove with the windows down and the 80's music playing on Pandora as I drove to the grocery store to get fresh fruits and vegetables.  Spring gives me energy.  I need this energy.  So today is a good day to start.

I do have a couple of guidelines I'd like to follow:

1) Take is slow.  I realize I'm over 40 and out of shape.  I can't just pop in T25 and start at the hardest level to jump start any fitness routine like I used to.  I don't bounce back as well as I used to (did I mention I fell out of the attic and bruised every part of my body Thursday?).  Almost every time I start off with a BANG, I over do it and either burn out or injury myself.  So I'm going to try to take it slow.  I think just walking every day for now and doing am/pm yoga would be an excellent start.

2) More fruits and vegetables.
I stocked up on lots of these at the store yesterday.  And made a pan of roasted vegetables for dinner that EVERYONE loved - I didn't expect that!  So I'd like a vegetable with every meal and fruit for snacks. 

3) The incredible edible egg
I read this weekend the Egg is called the perfect food because it has almost 100% of the nutrients one needs in one  item!  The only thing it lacks is vitamin C.  So I'll be eating plenty of eggs and drinking lots of milk.

4) Water, water, water....nuff said about that

and last but not least, if you've followed my blog at all over the years, or even read the archive titles to the right over here you'll understand this last one....

My goal is a weekly blog, not a daily blab fest with tons of pictures.

And with that being said, it's time to start my day and see what all I can accomplish. 
My hope, my goal, is lose 10 pounds by the beginning of spring break - March 24th. 
Hope you'll check in on me and motivate with comments!!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I don't even get offended any more....

I used to be upset when things like this came in my mail.  How dare they!
Now I'm like, "Hmm.  What's the point."

And of course, this little bit of advertising has worked, because it's been on my mind since I sluffed it off yesterday.  I've shreaded it already , so should I decide to try the most successful diet plan available, I don't have these 4 money saving coupons, nor do I have the free recipe. 

I didn't even realize I have started getting Weight Watcher's Magazine on my Nook.  I opened it up in my hot bubble bath last night and was like, "WHOA!"  So I read Sept/Oct and part of Nov/Dec.   Jan/Feb is on tap for tonight's bubble bath.

I even told my friend, Who would join Weight Watchers when there is MyFitnessPal.com for free.  I mean, clearly that has been working for me for like 3 years now, right?

I've gone to the WW site and filled out everything I can other than my credit card number.  All numbers are in agreement with my dr's office, health insurance and BMI calculators.

Why don't I utilize MFP more?  My honest answer?  I hate when there are things I eat that aren't in there and I have to enter the recipe.  Great - that's like once every moon, Sheri. 

So, I'm full of excuses is more the issue.  Its not a failed part on Weight Watchers (which I previously have done) or MFP or Slim Fast or Biggest Loser cookbooks or Extreme Make Over's Chris whatever his name is.

I know what to eat and what not to eat for the most part.  Breakfast still throws me.  I want eggs and salt.    Actually an Egg McMuffin on a daily basis would be perfect for me.  Two hardboiled eggs with salt would be perfect for me. 

Today I had 2 cups coffee and creamer (140 calories total) and then some Reduced Fat Triscuits with some 2% mexi cheese.  So the cheese was bad.  Eh.

I have put into use my hillbilly mason jar for water.  It's easy to measure 24 oz and it keeps the water nice and cool!  3 of these per day should be just fine. 
That looks small actually, but it's a large 24oz Mason jar. 
Goal for the day: Drink 3 Mason Jars, do some form of ab exercise.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shakey, Suckie, and exhausted

It's been a week.  It's been a morning.
I didn't even feel like eating this morning, but I had coffee and a hardboiled egg just to have something in my tummy.
I'm running on E this week between work, prayer revival (which I loved), Halloween costumes and my upcoming weekend workshop for my job.  So I've been up til midnight and up at 4:30am almost all week. 
Just as we're leaving for school today, my daughter feeds the fish and accidentally dumps the entire container of fish food into our 30 gallon tank.  Disaster.  The clean up was stressful and at some point had to stop so we could get going.  I had Bible study before coming home.  They had raisin, zucchini, carrot muffins.  I had one since she said they were only 125 calories and then I started getting shaky.  This happened yesterday too.  Blood sugar drop?  I don't know but I can't concentrate and my head is swoony.   After the study, I still had to stop at the aquarium shop.  $23 later it's no doubt I have to clean the entire tank which means lifting the 13 gallon trash container full of dirty water three times from the tank to the bathroom and then replacing all that water with fresh water three times.  In this process the aquarium heater broke, I had to get all fish out - including the slimy thick creepy sucker fish we call Suckie.  Not having another tank, I had to put them in my beloved TRUFFLE DISH!   I got the aquarium shop on the phone trying to tell me what to do. I got the all clear, when to put the sucker fish back in the tank and it jumped out and (I think) at me and landed on the floor.  I took off screaming to the back bedrooms, the dog high tailed it off the other direction to his house, and I had to get myself together.  Eventually I went back out got the fish in the net and back into the tank.  I was shaky again.  Not sure what's going on.  I'm sure lack of sleep.  I remembered being pregnant with my daughter the same think happened.  My doctor told me I needed more protein.  So today I made an egg (what is it with me and eggs lately?) on toast with 2 thin slices of ham and some onion.  I don't really feel that much better, but I'm not shaky.  
I sent an email to my boss I was leaving for the day until further notice. 
I'm just exhausted.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hump Day

Day Two Outlook: 

Hump Day Video!

It's a little long and dark - I was tired of being pink/orange/red from my multicolored desk lamp in my videos.

My disappointing oatmeal

To keep me on track, I had to take the fitness evaluation for our health insurance.  For those that remember, I did this last year too and came up short.    When I was finished, it said Congratulations and my score of 73.  I was all excited - I passed this time.  WRONG!!!  You had to scroll down and click several other links to find out.....
Yep, I have to drop one bmi point to get my insurance discount.  I'm not complaining, with all the healthcare costs etc, I should have to own up to my part for a discount.  I'm lucky to even have coverage (even though we pay WELL for it!). 
 So I'm pretty sure, I'm doing the right thing in self evaluation and getting back on track.