Saturday, March 19, 2011

manual labor

I didn't go for a walk today.  HOWEVER....I push mowed our yard, my parents yard and my parents neighbor's yard.  And my parents yard and their neighbor all required mulching of the leaves so literally its like mowing the yard 5,6,7 or more times!!!!!  And it felt so good!  I soooo wish I had my pedometer on today.  I bet it'd be way over 20,000!!!!  Easily!
My feet are killing me, but it's a good pain!  And we're off to the hottub to relax and unwind!
Hope everyone is having beautiful weather and getting outside and active!


Amy said...

Hey, thanks for reading my blog! I love your lawnmower workout - yes, I think you must have burned a ton of calories with that - and weren't your arms sore afterwards?

Sheri said...

Yes Amy! I love to read your blog! You have a lot going on all the time and new ideas, too! So far, my arms aren't like jelly today, but my ankles are! Sheesh! Thanks for checking in on me!!!!