Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Learning and Lent

Every Wednesday, a group of my friends and I have long been weighing in and posting on another private blog that we have had since September.  Last week was the first time I weighed in since starting down My Path.  I was thrilled to post my weight.  A week later, I'm 2 pounds heavier.  Makes me stop and think.  I do keep a food journal.  And last week I was trying lots of new foods that really filled me up and were really healthy.  But as I look back towards the end of the week, I kept some healthy food items, but resorted back to a few staples I had in my life before.   Wine - and lots of it over the weekend.  Chips and salsa - which isn't bad as long as that is kept to a minimum.  But I love salsa and probably would put it on ANYTHING!  So I need to figure out a way to exchange my whole grain chips with something else OR minimize my intact.  The wine, I don't know what to do about that.  If I were an alcoholic I'd panic - that's not the case.  I just know I like wine and, again, in small amounts it should be okay.  Now here presents an opportunity - today is Ash Wednesday.  I sort of hate the fact that I always decide to give up some food/drink for Lent.  Not because it's hard to do - I actually like that challenge.  But because maybe what I give up should be more?  But here, we go I'll state it here - I'm giving up wine for Lent. 
One thing I need to figure out, I'm walking almost every day on average 2 miles.  And my eatting is much better than it was 2 weeks ago, so why isn't the scale doing anything different?  I hate the 160's.  When I finally DO get out of the 160's, and I will get out of the 160's, I am never coming back to them again!!!

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