Thursday, September 26, 2013

HUMP DAY and an old tip I'd forgotten....

Wednesday ~ Hump Daaaaaaaay! Yeah!
Maybe I'll start making Wednesday, video Wednesdays!
Today, without make up or my hair fixed, I did this short clip.  I'm not used to making videos so I feel odd staring at the camera the whole time.  However, after watching the video, looking all around instead of at the camera, is uncomfortable to watch!  So I'll work on these things.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The best made plans can go astray...

After a wonderful day off of work yesterday, I felt rested and ready for a short work week.
I had a good mind set.  I had my shiny new blue pedometer.  I had a succulent Honeycrisp Apple!  I was ready to go!
So I got up, more tired than expected but sex is late night exercise that burns calories, right?  ;)  So clipped on my pedometer, then "Tumbled out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen poured myself a cup of ambition, yawnin', stretchin, trying to come to life...." and then things started going well (Thanx, Dolly).
Once I started working I got hungry, 5am is early, so I had a hard boiled egg sprinkled with salt.  Mmmm.  Protein.  I was proud of myself - better than 2 eggs on toast with butter, right?  I worked more, was booking along, then it was 7am, kids getting up.  Time for breakfast.  I'll have oatmeal.  Well I wasn't hungry.  So I just got things going.  and kept thinking, I'll make a salad for lunch and take my Honecrisp apple and my water.  Today will be great.  I will be awesome and probably skinnier by 5pm.  I looked down at my pedometer....56.  What in the heck?  I've been all over this house at least 100 times already.  Stupid thing reset.  Okay, 56 and we'll just go from there.  
Kids were taking forever, I was getting ticky cuz the trash wasn't out yet and Owen was mismatched and his hair was....well, it was as crazy as my own!  Forget the salad, I won't have time.  That HoneyCrisp apple is pretty big, I'll just eat that and be fine.  Dog fed, beds made, attempt at hairdo without flat iron (thank you Chi for once again just up and stopping working out of the blue), kids collected, work gear packed up and out the door we go.  I get to the car, take OFF my pedometer so it won't calculate false steps with each bump in the road, I decide to check my awesome progress....89.  You gotta be kidding me.  It reset again.  Grrrrrr.  Fine.  Drop the kids off at school, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, I love you's, and I'm off.  Music is blaring, sun is shining and the sky is a gorgeous blue.  Where's my Honeycrisp apple?  CRAP - I left it on the counter.  No biggie, text hubby, we work close together we can just have a lunch date.  His reply, "Man I'm so tired, I'm just gonna nap during my hour lunch break."  Is that a McDonald's I see up ahead?!  Better to have an Egg McMuffin with egg and Canadian bacon on a Thomas English muffin than a greasy fatty burger later and fries.  Way to dodge that diet bullet, Sheri.  Feeling proud of myself.  Talking to coworker on phone as I go thru drive thru, and certainly it'd be rude to blab my order so I take the polite easy route, "#1, Diet coke please"  so efficient.    I munch down the hashbrown before the guilt can realize what is going on, but the Diet Coke lingers on my mind for a moment.  That's okay, it was easier to order, I'll chuck it when I get to the office and just drink he 64 oz water I actually did remember to bring with me! 
I get to work full and sassy and know since I'm not having lunch that breakfast wasn't a bad option.  Tonight salad for dinner for sure!  About 10am rolls around and hubby texts me, "Going to lunch?"  OH NO!!!!  "Absolutely - call when you're out front"  He picks me up and asks where I want to go, "I'm not very hungry, so any where you'd like."  Subway?  Oooh yes, that's healthy - let's go to Subway.  I get us a very healthy cold cut combo (all turkey based) on whole wheat bread, NO cheese, and stacked to the hilt with fresh green beautiful veggies!  LIGHT vinegar and oil and a dash of salt and pepper.  Mmmm, so healthy.  Salad for dinner still, though! 
I get back to work check my pedometer.....2.  Son of $%#%$@%$#$%&^!!!!
Work is going great, I'm slurping on my 96 ounces of Diet coke and I see my water bottle.  Oooh better get chugging that water!  It goes down easily.    I'll be working til 5pm and Cory is getting the kids.  I see an email come in, PaPa John's pizza 50% this Tuesday!    Oooh that'll be perfect for Cory and the kids since I won't be there. 
2pm, getting hungry.  I logged all my food on and I have 298 calories left for the day.  Hmmm, that Honeycrisp apple will round off my day just perfectly.  But I'm craving something sweet now.  Hmmm, soda is gross.  Ooh computer locked up, perfect time to check out the vending machines......Raisinettes!  Raisins are fruit and chocolate is an antioxidant - another great healthy choice!
I get back to my desk and.....
Sheri - come on!  "Where are we going?"  Just come on!  Next thing I know I'm standing with 4 other ladies singing Happy Birthday to an Indian woman I don't even know in our office.  Oh the cake is beautiful!  Let's cut the cake.  OH NO!!!!!  I'm not having any.  Nope, not gonna have any. 
A few minutes later I can actually taste the sugar grits on my teeth and tongue in every bite.  WATER - I need WATER!!!!
My pedometer is jabbing me in the side so I take it off, 15 steps, and throw it in my purse.  Piece of junk. 
Driving home I'm enjoying the cool air the sun shine and my phone rings....Did you order that pizza?  Uhm, no, you were going to order the pizza and already be eating it before I ever got home. 
Sure enough when I got home, pizza not ordered by the IT man in my life who couldn't figure it out.  GRRRRRR.
He pours a glass of wine.  Even I have the great restrain to have water.  Amazing.
Pizza comes and at this point I've given up, I have 4 cheese stick slices (not cheese pizza slices).  And then, a slice of pepperoni to round it all off.
I'm stuffed, I'm bloated, my pedometer is heinous, and my healthy eating a disaster.
My fit slender kids are enjoying tall glasses of rootbeer floats here at the table with me, as I type this.
My daughter drank all my water and the Honeycrisp apple is still on the counter.....
But tomorrow is another day!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Another fad diet, buckle up!

I like soup and we are into the BRRRRR months - SeptemBER, NovemBER, DecemBER.  On my own I've veered towards my Progresso soups in the pantry.  Then I saw this Progress OH! commercial and thought, well I'm already enjoying the soup, might as well had it for another meal and be happy.

My favorite is Chicken and Wild Rice, but I don't think it's one of their light soups.

So I plan to hit the soup isle today and stock up.  Also, I'm making my INFAMOUS Homemade Minestrone soup this weekend.  I could LIVE on this soup alone!  All veggies and tomato based.  Being good, I've even swapped out the white wine for low sodium chicken broth!  WHOOT WHOOT

Okay, had to make an addendum to this post.....

Soup shopping successful.  Check out line, not so successful, darn Doritos.
This soup - looked awesome~ warm, thick, creamy~it spoke to me.  It said, I will warm your tummy, you will love me!

It lied.  It tasted fish, tart, and I didn't even eat half the bowl.
Soup #1 - Progresso Light New England Clam Chowder....
You get a thumbs down...
With a yucky gag....
Very disappointing.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Step One -
Oatmeal for breakfast today.

If you follow my blog at all you already know I'm an out of control healthist (Is that a word?!?!!  It is now).  I'm good then bad, start over, fall off the wagon, run then hurt, start dvd's then lose/scratch them.

So rather than try to fit into the fitness box - which clearly doesn't work for me - I'll just blog about what I DO do.  (I just said doo doo). 

So after a carb fest in the office yesterday that kicked off with a FREE Chick-Fil-A breakfast sandwich, I'm gonna try to keep it in check today.  Fridge is about empty and all of the string cheese is gone.  I should be safe today.