Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pre-Ordered Today!!!!

Oooh Im so excited!
I just preordered Tosca's newest book from B&N for my NookColor!
I had tried to get this last week, but it wasn't available via Nookcolor.  So I clicked the button to "Suggest to publisher you want it on NOOKCOLOR!"  And vwalah, I was notified it was ready to preorder and will be available Nov 8th!  The cost?  $8.95 - not too shabby!
So I now have a triliology of Tosca books - haven't finished a full one yet!  Bwah haw haw  Almost done with The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged!  And I'm make a deal to finish this one before Nov 8TH!!!
And I've started Your Best Body Now: Look and Feel Fabulous at Any Age the Eat-Clean Way, but so far that is starting off the same.  So we'll see!
But I was very excited to share that her newest book is available for preorder!  YEAY!

249- Turkey Tuesday

The infamous turkey sandwich I've promised to post

A few posts back, I was telling you about my turkey sandwich obsession.  I am finally now getting a photo posted.  As you can see it's a pretty plain turkey sandwich, and early in the dark morning, it doesn't photograph too well - about like me.  But there it is in all it's glory and I cannot wait to eat it even before lunch!

 After yesterday's starvation (not really) hungerfest, I wanted to be sure to get up and make my lunch and prepare a breakfast right away!  This is the layout on my kitchen counter this morning.  Again, you can see the turkey sandwich is pretty plain, but wait!  What is that pinkish meat on the sandwich?  I decided today to doll it up with one thin slice of brown sugar ham!!!  Still no cheese!  I had forgotten that the kids love Cheerios and decided to try Banana Nut Cheerios (love the 2 box tops!).  For 3/4 cup, it's only 100 calories.  This is great for me because I like to take cereal to work as a snack to munch on throughout the day instead of chips (Doritos) or sugary snacks (Kit Kats, M&M's - and I don't even like chocolate!).
A key ingredient I've been lacking lately? The old water bottle!  We have an ice machine and a filtered water machine at work so there is no excuse - unless of course you don't have a container in which to put those items. 
One other key ingredient I have today, that I haven't had lately is 8.5 hours of sleep last night.  Oh, man, what a difference that makes!  I have such a better attitude already this morning and feel great!
So back on track today and am really relieved!  It's a mad world out there filled with bad choices and if you're not prepared and weak, you'll fall into the trap almost every time!!!

Have a happy healthy day!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Monday

I'm tired today and little will power. 
What am I lacking?  I read other people's post and they just do things!  Some magical moment occurs in their life and BAM - they change!  I could get struck by lightning, stand up, stare at my smoking foot and say, "Hmmm, I'm hungry!" 
Today my problem is I didn't have a good breakfast.  Normally, that would just curb my appetite all day, but instead it's made me into a mad woman wanting everything in sight!  The problem is, I can't find anything!!!  I finally sent some change with my coworker down to to cafe to grab me some.....DORITOS!  Ugh, 260 calories.  They are so good, but so empty!
Now I'd much rather have my beloved turkey sandwich for lunch!  I need to make my lunches at night to stop this!  And I need to purchase more Quaker Oatmeal Squares (the maple kind, ha ha) to have for breakfast.  I LOOOOOOVE those!
Knowing my cravings, I am drinking water today instead of Diet Mt Dew - ha ha ha!
Dinner?  I'm already thinking grilled chicken and salad!
I hope this funky hunger quits soon....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

253 - I'm an emotional gal

I was trying to think of a good picture to go along with my emotions.  My emotions are usually on my sleeve for all to see whether I like that or not, my emotions are up and down and change sometimes hourly if not half hourly (ha ha) and sometimes they're steady for a longer term.  And my emotions are effected highly by other people, which is not a good thing. 
So when looking for a picture of my emotions, I thought a tangled pile of Christmas tree lights was perfect.  Sometimes my emotions are energenic happy -the pretty YELLOW or PINK or PURPLE!  Other times I'm angry and bright RED.  Less and less I'm jealous or envious and GREEN!  And on the far side of the happy spectrum, I can be sad or depressed - BLUE.
I posess every one of these emotions with 100% energy.  If I'm happy and in a good mood, you'll know it by my laughing and kidding around, a zip in my step and my eyes twinkle.  If I'm mad I'll either say a WHOLE LOT all at once, out and in the open, sometimes without full thought, or I'll be quiet and killing you with my eyes!  And it's hard to pull me out of most of these emotions except for Happiness.  My happiness can be stripped in a heartbeat and I'm instantaneously thrown into one of the other emotions.
How does my emotions relate with food?  I am emotional and sensitive.  When I'm sad or hurt, I need comforting, thus the term comfort food.   When I'm mad, I'm pissed and will eat because dam it I deserve it.
The other problem with emotions is the body's reaction to them.  Happiness - that's easy, eveything is great and bright, and I feel good and I want to be outside or walking, feeling strong!  But when I'm upset or stressed, my stomach instantly sinks and starts to knot - pulling tighter and tighter until I can't eat or drink.  Honestly, how I don't have an ulcer is beyond me.
All of this came to thought today because I'm a little stressed and nothing sounds good although I'm hungry.  Honestly and unfortunately most healthy things do NOT go over well when my stomch is in knots.  I thought today, Hmmm, maybe some soup.  I grabbed the Chicken and Wild rice and then remembered for some reason that KILLS my stomach when it's knotted.  How crazy is that!!!

Look at these two soups!
The one on the left is broccoli potato cheese soup.  The one on the right is Chicken N Wild rice.
Now you'd think the one on the right would be so much better for me.  But I just couldn't eat it today.  I went with the broccoli potato cheese soup on the left to comfort my belly.  510 calories vs 210, but I can tell you it's worth it if I can keep it down.  We shall see......

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

263 - Turkey Obsession

My latest obsession is turkey sandwiches!!!!
Of course, mine is not quite as large or exciting as that one above (but I'm at work, already ate my sandwich, so I can't get a photo of it).  About three weeks ago, the kids decided to make me lunch.  It was so fun to watch them get out the honeywheat bread, fight over who was going to put on the mustard, who was going to put on the mayonaise.  But they did a great job!  And, in all honesty, it was THE BEST turkey sandwich I've ever had!  And since then, I crave one every day.  What a healthy thing to crave!

I use Hillshire Farm's Honey Turkey lunchmeat

And of course, No cheese...

I use Nature's Own Honeywheat bread

and put a swirl of mustard on one side and thin layer of Hellman's Light Mayo on the otherside and that is it!

I can't even wait til lunch time at work to eat it!  Usually by 9am, I'm digging into my sandwich!
I'll get a shot tomorrow and post it!
Have a great day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm feeling sick today.  I felt fine last night.  Today I woke up with the thick grossness in my throat, goopy eyes and nauseous stomach.  All my joints hurt.  Why does this happen on Mondays and not Friday nights when I can recoop all weekend?  Knowing I had to go to work regardless, I took a hot hot vapo bath at 5:30am, guzzled some Dayquil and headed out the door.  When do I get to rest?  No one got up and took care of me! 
I got to start my day off checking emails quickly and  lucky for me my work emails were snyde replies from doctors and about 15 qa's of my work.  Then off to a 4 hour orientation that was VERY interative.  By the time lunch rolled around I just wanted to go home.  I finally ate a turkey sandwich with some Sprite and at least feel like the ground quit rolling.

Here's to Health and Happiness on my Monday!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Think Like Tosca Thursday

I've been reading The Eat Clean Diet Recharged since...well, March?  I downloaded it on my Color Nook so I could read it anywhere and everywhere.  I'm embarassingly on page 176 of 272.   Today I am getting back to reading and finishing this book!  She has so much information!!!!

Flax Seed - if you have it, like me, hiding in your pantry Pull It Out and start sprinkling it on everything from oatmeal to salads, to a pasta topping!!!!

"There is nothing more powerful you can do for your health right away than add flaxseed to your diet...Eating two tablespoons of ground flaxseed each day will improve digestion - flaxseed is known to have a midly laxative effect sufficient to move lazy bowels another condition afflicting many North Americans." - Tosca Reno, The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged.