Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seeing Red...

...and loving it!!!
This is my office with it's new red walls!

It's one long office so imagine these pictures side by side.  I've wanted a red wall for so long.  In our first home we attempted this on a kitchen wall, but the red turned out to be the waaaaaay wrong red and it looked like deep purple wine.  After that my husband swore never again.  I hadn't been keeping my office organized and clean the way he wanted it lately so he said he was done fixing it up that I would need to find the motivation to do it myself.  Hmmmph!  So yesterday sitting here looking at the grey walls with big ugly white patches of spackle since like November, I decided I already had the gray primer and paint, so I was just going to do it!!!  Once the kids and I got there, though, I started staring at the reds.  And I had to be very careful.  I chose a red that was lighter than I would normall chose.  But it ended up beautiful and even my husband likes it. 
Last night before bed, my son ran down to the office and I asked what he was doing.  He said, "I just had to look at that beautiful wall just one more time!!!"
and today hugging me at my desk and her facing the red wall, my daughter said, "It's just so beautiful!'
So for my happiness, I have a red wall again.  And red being my favorite color, it just makes me happy being down here.  Oooooh - - - it's an office~I'd better get to work!

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