Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Ever - Goodbye 2011

Sitting down for a moment on New Year's Ever - a break from cleaning out my 2nd pantry, enjoy a glass of wine, and just breathing for a moment.
Reflecting on this past year and looking into a fresh new year, 2012, I know I don't want the usual Resolutions - lose weight, sleep more, spend less - blah blah blah.
I thought about my resolution last week.  It's simple, yet encompasses it all!

My New Years Resolution is simply..... To Be Happy!

That might seem ridiculous, but I don't really focus on MY happiness.  I focus on the kids happiness, my husband's happiness, making friends and coworkers happy, my family happy.  Enough!  I'm putting me first (and of course my kids, ha ha ha).  So everyday I need to make decisions to make myself happy.

Silly, but prime example today - we go to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.  There are 2 lines, one has two vehicles in it, and one has none.  Of course we go to the one that is empty.  The machine looks complicated, has warnings on it.  My husband says I'm just gonna shut this, I said no, let's just go inside.  He seemed confused, but I knew, sitting there waiting for the person to get to us, to then tell us how to use the machine, and exchanging medicine and debit/insurance card through a drive through bank-like overhead machine was going to end up ticking me off.  It was much easier and less stressful to just go inside.  And wha-lah!  It was!  Even my husband said, "Good thinking, babe!"

In the pursuit of happiness, I'm also giving up coffee.  Don't freak out - that'll be my job.  Four weeks ago I gave up Sweet N Low (other than if I have Starbucks insanely strong coffee - which is rare).  I didn't think i could do it, but all the warnings etc about cancer I just needed to stop.  I ran out of Sweet N Low and just didn't buy anymore.  I do, however, still use Creamora Pumpkin Spice creamer.  Not necessarily a good trade off, but considering I was using both Sweet N Low AND the Creamora, it's better.  I've been steadily increasing my tea - I like Twinings Chai tea.  Oh it's so good!  Well today, I found Twinings Chai Pumpkin Spice tea - so we'll see if I like that!
My Chai and then y new Pumpkin Spie Chai teas
Around the corner I grabbed our new container of coffee.  When we got to the check out I looked at the tea and looked at the coffee and asked my husband, "You ready to go cold turkey?"  His eyes got big as he took into consideration what I was asking, and said, "Yeah, let's do it!"  So I handed him the container of ground coffee, he set it aside and that was that!  We have enough ground coffee at home for ONE MORE pot of coffee (perfect since tomorrow is New Year's Day).
 The last of our ground coffee

I'm not saying I'll never have coffee, but I'm looking forward to giving the old coffee pot a rest, and increasing the use of my awesome red tea kettle. 
Another item that is going to get some rest -  wine!  GASP!  I know, I know, everyone just get yourself together!  We'll get through this!!!  ha ha ha  Hubby and I have decided to enjoy our wine on the weekends only.  We did buy a box of wine today for New Year's Eve, but it had better be full and waiting for us next Friday, too!!!
I believe in evenness, ying/yang, what goes up, must come down, one door closes/another door opens.  So when I decrease my coffee, I increase my tea.  If I'm decreasing my wine, I need to increase my water!!!  Balance, I like that - it makes me happy; and, I look forward to yet another fork in this path I call my own.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Peaceful Christmas

What a peaceful relaxing Christmas Day I'm having. 
My children got me the Charlie Brown Christmas CD and DVD.  The music is so relaxing, the soft piano playing in the background while I'm cubing potatoes for my world famous (okay, just famous by those who know me) mashed potatoes.  I'm still sipping on my Pumpkin Spice coffee (3 weeks without Sweet N Low, now) and wondering if I want to use my One Hour Massage gift card tomorrow, or wait til next week- starting the new year off right!
The kids are playing Kinect and I don't mind cuz they're jumping and swinging their arms and legs - so they're getting exercise, instead of IMing each other from their DS's.  Max is laid out across the ceramic floor snoozing, half waiting for a potato cube to drop.  Milo, well being a cat she's off hiding somewhere looking ticked off and secretly plotting ways to trip the dog when he walks past the bed she's hiding under.  Hubby is napping it out on the couch while Christmas Story is on the tv.
Soooo  relaxing!!!

The downside?  Kiddos are still a little sick.  We snuck out last night and went to infect the Catholics for Christmas Eve service.  Thought we'd sit in the far back away from everyone, not pass the Peace (or germs).  We discovered Catholics are just as obnoxious in church as Lutherans.  Now I can say that, because I'm Lutheran and I see first hand how there are few of us that go to church anymore actually  respect the sanctuary.  I can also say it because I used to go to the Catholic church with my mother-in-law when we visited and she would roll over in her grave if she saw the behavior in that church last night.  We left before communion, which made me sad because I hoped my hubby would partake.   The kiddos were tired, white, and peaked looking by 9:30pm.  It was a valiant effort for Christmas Eve service, but just wasn't in the cards. Also, my brother and his family are in town and we aren't able to get together with them until my son is contagious-free.  Maybe tomorrow I'll call the dr and see what they say.

But it is relaxing today - I'm taking it all in, enjoying it, and am thankful for this gift of Peace that God has granted me this year.

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Music

I thought it'd be a wonderful idea to put together all of my favorite Christmas music to share!
Hope you enjoy it!

Wham ~Last Christmas - my ALL TIME FAVORITE Christmas song!!!

BandAid - This song ROCKS and totally blew We Are The World out the door!!!
Chris, Remember rocking out and singing this on the way to our AAPC meeting that one year??

No Doubt - Oi To The World - I love this crazy rocking song!!! **Note to your runners, it's a great song to finish up your run, I did that all through Christmas
one year - ahhh, my younger days! OI!!!!

U2- Baby Please Come Home ~Ahhh, man, brings back memories! Love this song!

O Holy Night~ Josh Groban. If this doesn't touch your soul, I don't know what will.

All I Want For Christmas - Mirah Carey - This is Elaine's favorite Christmas song - we sing and dance to it with Owen!

You betta shut yo mouth! Mele Kalikimaka by Jimmy Buffet - my dream is to listen to this on the beach on Christmas Day with a drink in my hand!!!

I like this song, but the video is the best.

Go Snoopy!!! Charlie Brown Christmas

This appears to be my song - Where Are You Christmas ~ Faith Hill

Wizards in Winter - Who doesn't love to play air piano to this?!?!?!?!

Okay, getting goofy (raunchy), but Justin Timberlake CRACKS ME UP! Dick In A Box

And wrapping it up - from this past Saturday - I Wish It Were Christmas!!!
Jimmy Fallon, Kris Catan, Jose, and Tracey Morgan - Saturday Night Live

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today's lunch brought to you by the letter V for Veggie Tray!
I had brought a can of Progresso Sante Fe Chicken veggie soup, but one of the ladies from the other department was coming out of her meeting and asked if I wanted this.   Heck ya!
The crazy thing is, it all tastes SOOOOO GOOD!  Can you over do it and pig out on veggies?  Sans the celery - yuck!
I've been having a single egg, with sprinkle of garlic salt and SMALL pinch of cheese on a honeywheat piece of toast for breakfast every morning.  It's quick, it's easy and it's soooooo good!
The scale finally dropped a pound this morning!  Nice to finally see, but needs to keep on dropping.  I haven't done my yoga in 2 days, but am definitely gonna hit it tonight!
I always say my motivation is hard to come by.  Well today, while working, the song Porn Star Dancing came on.  ha ha ha  You can't really be sexy dancing to that song without even half way looking like those women.  And then I thought, if I could get these 40 lbs off, I'd be way closer than I am now, and how I'm robbing myself of feeling good!  Certainly this is no "How did you do it" story for Oxygen magazine or Dr Oz, ha ha, but I may have to install a stripper pole now.  JUST KIDDING!!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The "Beach" ~Day 202

Lately I've been thinking about two places - which couldn't be further apart.
North Carolina and Arizona.
When Cory and I worked on the road, we lived in both these places.   At first we didn't like North Carolina cuz we were downtown Charolette - downtown any big city is nothing to write home about.  Once we got further out - in tiny towns, it was awesome and we loved it!  Always said of all the places we traveled, North Carolina would be the one place we'd consider living.
Arizona- Ugh.  Hot, sandy, cactus, hot, very open, hot, road runners, hot, tarantulas, hot.  But still it was pretty.  The sun setting down over the cacti at night, the rocks, th every openness of it all - it was beautiful.  I could never live there, though, too hot.  Although there were cooler times, Nov-Jan, it was still H-O-T!  And Nashville is hot enough in the summer to replicate and remind me why Arizona was not for me.

But today I remembered Hvegas has a beach.  So I jumped in the van and drove down.  If ever I was unsure if I liked beaches or not, this would push me over the edge to not.  the sand was mostly rock, it was a dirty area, the smoke stacks across the lake did not provide a great background.  Every shot I took, every angle I attempted, did not help to photogenically hide the bad and insinuate the good.
 I thought maybe if I could find a place around here that was serene and open and I could run my fingers iin the sand, that I don't know, maybe I could relax and think and enjoy myself.

 Yeah, not so much....
 Nice smoke stacks off to the right

And I don't EVEN want to KNOW where THIS path leads!  It's not one I'm forking onto for sure!!!

Once the thought of the beach here entered my mind, I had to try and go and see if it was a smaller replication of what I remembered.

I guess I'll keep my traveling memories in my mind and return to my yoga mat for some peace and mediation!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

I don't Get It

I don't get it.
I have lost total connection.  I feel like, what I guess, an alcoholic feels like "the next day"  - "Im never gonna drink again."
Only I say, I'm not eating cheese again.  I'm not eating pepperoni again.  I'm not drink wine again (caloric worry, not the alcohol part).  Chips will never touch my lips again. 

I also feel like Scarlet O'Hara (without the 18" waist) ~ Tomorrow I'll exericise.  Tomorrow I'll eat better.  Tomorrow I'll say No!  I'll worry about it tomorrow!

What the hell is wrong with me?!?!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

OMG What a Week

This has been a week, let me tell you!
I started my new hours 9-5:30pm.  The bonus with my job is that if I get there at 8:30am, they don't care if I start work early!  So Monday I went in at 6:30am cuz my hubby was home.  That was great!  Cuz I left early to go to an appointment at 2:30pm.  Then Tuesday was the true test day. And boy was I tested!  My son decided everyday forward he would be slow, unagreeable, fussy - you name it.  By the time I left for work I was stressed!  Got the kids to my parents house and held on to see what 8am traffic was like.  A breeze!!!!  I got to work at 8:27am one day 8:36 the next day!  But, the 5:30pm traffic is HORRENDOUS!!!  I don't get home until at least 6:30pm every day.  Thursday was an added bonus with fog thick as a wall and the temps at 32 degrees which ended up causing a 170 car accident - 45 of which were a pile up, and 1 person died.  As you can imagine, traffic was a mess!  Coming home that night - a barge ran into the bridge downtown and MORE traffic issues. Friday was a repeat of fog and frost so everyone was at a snails pace.  And this week was also month end - with a new 1/2 floor of old NICU peds, it was just a stressful week.  My jaw, my neck, my shoulders, even my ear and my throat hurt. 
So when I opened the mailbox to see this:
 I was excited!  Now I bought it for hubby for Christmas, but we broke it open last night.  I didn't get to do my yoga until this afternoon, but MAN DID IT FEEL GOOD!  Surprisingly I found my yoga sticky mat right away, rolled it out amongst the football yelling from downstairs, my daughter crunching Sunchips over the couch watching me, and a dog that sneaks up and tickles me with his whiskers as meditate.  It was wonderful.  You can see the chaos amongst me here:
 But I am excited and looking forward to doing my yoga in the morning and evening as often as possible - hopefully every day.  Even hubby is going to join me.  I talked to my daughter and she is going to do it with me, too!

Speaking of holiday stress, one of the greatest weatherman, Don Harman from Fox 4 in Kansas City took his life Tuesday night.  He apparently fought a long battle with depression.  It was shocking and so sad for so many of us that liked him!  He was always hilarious and making people laugh!

Ever since we moved to KC back in 2002, I always watched him in the morning.  The entire morning show was entertaining and fun, but he was the star!  I remember rocking the kids in the am, watching the morning show.  It became kind of joke, cuz I said he was hot in a pair of jeans.   No one else seemed to agree with me, but that was okay!  A couple of times I had emailed him regarding the antics on the show or beautiful but strange clouds out my kitchen window and he'd immediately reply!  He did tons of charity events to helps kids and adults. And he will be greatly missed!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like CHRISTmas!!!!!

In trying to keep  my water intake up up up, I purchased this festive water cup at Walmart today.  So far my daugher and I have filled it up about 10 times! 

And, below, my Christmas nails.  This was supposed to tickle my kiddos, but I've gotten comments from auto mechanics, cashiers, and friends.

Each year we let the kids pick out some wrapping paper they like and we decorate their doors.

I particularly like my son's this year...

I'm definitely Grinchy!!!

I did decided to give in and use a great photo we had from Disney on Ice for a photo Christmas card complete with sunset palm trees and lights.  There was little room on the EDITING for lots of words, so I simply said Merry Christmas and our last name.  I must have looked at it 100 times before SENDING to get printed.  I pick them up check them out - they're fine.  I come home start writing out the envelopes with a pink matching Sharpie, and about 15 in I realize something - - I misspelled our own dang last name!!!!!
Is it any wonder I'm Grinchy?  Ah, I'll probably send them out anyway.  It's not that Im too cheap to redo them, I just couldn't care less.  And other than the couple that MAY read this blog, I doubt anyone else would even notice - it took me 100 times to catch it!

The scale dropped 1.5 pounds since Thanksgiving - and I'm thankful!
And the repercussions I feared certainly appeared a few hours later as predicted. 

Bring on more of the holidays!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Good morning!
It's a cold and foggy day here.  This is the view out my patio - I love it!!!
No Black Friday shopping for me.  I attempted to go last night - I thought Target opened at 9pm.  WRONG~ Target opened at midnight and the line was already forming at 9pm!  I just came home and snuggled on the couch.
Well I weighed in today.  W-O-W!!!!  That scale is nasty nasty truth teller for sure!  I did have a pretty decent Thanksgiving dinner, as you can see below -
but it was the snacking that did me in.  I'm not going to beat myself up too much cuz I know this was holiday weight gain and I can probably drop it rather quickly!  One of the gifts I ordered for my husband last night was the AM/PM Yoga set I have on VHS, but now in DVD format.  We both want to start stretching and yoga is the best way to do that!  I even have hopes of doing Wii today and seeing what my fitness level says - I'm sure it doesn't correspond correctly, but it'd be activity, right?
My daughter has been sneezing and sniffling for 4 days now and my husband woke up shivering so much his muscles were actually twitching.  I'm quite sure he has the flu and am quite sure I'm glad I got a flu shot!

As far as happiness - well I enjoyed my Thanksgiving almost stress free.  However, like Ive been told and taught, there are consequences for everything.  Not everyone appreciated my inner family Thanksgiving yesterday.  I'm quite sure repercussions are looming just a few hours away.....

I am no longer on Facebook (follow me on Twitter- fooshmama) so I'll prob post more here.  One thing I always enjoyed on FB was sharing photos.  So I guess I'll start sharing some here now as part of my happiness - - -
These are from this morning along with the beautiful shot of the tree I posted at the top!

Another shot I love- the dew on the grass looks like shimmering diamonds when the sun hits it!

I was trying to capture the ever so delicate spider web across the bird feeders.  I just couldn't capture it on film the way I could clearly see it with my eyes.

And this is just funny - Milo wants in and Max wants out.  
I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give Thanks

What are you thankful for, everyone asks.
I'm thankful for family, friends, my health - isn't that what everyone says?  Is it just a cliche?  Just a programmed response, like "I want World Peace for CHRISTmas?
I sit here tonight and think about all of these things...

This Thanksgiving, I feel ripped apart.  My life for whatever reason has taken a new turn since summer and early fall.  I don't think the same, I don't feel the same.  I question everything and everyone.  My mind has been spinning and shaken and rolled around like a set of dice in a Yahtzee cup.

So I sit here on Thanksgiving Eve and go through the typical check list and wonder, What am I thankful for and am I truly thankful?

I am thankful for family.  Although I love all of my family, I am most thankful for my inner family - my husband and children.  My world revolves around them.  I cannot imagine for a single second, them not being in my life.  Just seeing my children, warms my heart and puts a smile on my face.  The smell of their hair, the warmth of their skin, the depth of their hugs, the glow of their smiles - I just cannot put it into words.  I do know I would lay down my life, without question, in a heartbeat for either of my children.  NOTHING is more important in my life than my kids.  I struggle sometimes with the fact that I'm not pure enough to say God is the ultimate in my life, because until I can understand better, my kids are the ultimate in my life.

My husband - we have a relationship like no other.  I don't know if it's the Italian in me or the stubborn farmer in  him~ we butt heads a lot, but love like mad!  I, myself, don't understand it some times, but I know he is meant for me and I am meant for him.  And the bond between us is strong and thick!  From the moment he smiled at me the very first day I met him, I was in and still am in love!

My brother, to me, has always been a quiet back burner kind of guy, but I want him to shine and come forward in my life.  Maybe he always has, but that I have been too wrapped up in my own messed up world to break out and see how bright he shines and acknowledge how wonderful he is!  I love him very much!  And I am very, very thankful for him!  And now, later in life, as they have come along, I am thankful for his wife and the wonderful nephews they have shared with us.  I am honored to be the boy's Godmother and treasure the laughter I share with Joelle, my sister-in-law.

My health - what a joke.  I take my health for granted every single day of my life.  I sit here tonight eating potato chips, cheese and sausage, and drinking wine, while a dear sweet friend, Kathi, lies in a hospital bed.  At what point does it finally click - Your health is a priority!!!!!  I struggle daily to make better decisions but sometimes am just weak or flippant at the moment.  I need to snap out of it, and realize that Jane and Kathi and Chris have made amazing leaps in their health and that it's hard, it's strenuous, but that it's totally worth it!

My friends - certainly not least.  Jane is the number one friend in my life.  She didn't just step up after a so called prior best friend was removed from my life.  Jane was always number one, and I knew that in my mind and heart, but just didn't put it into words until I lost it.  Now, I didn't lose Jane as my friend (thank God), I lost the 25 steps across the street for a glass of wine and good conversation, or the smile and wave as she drove down the street home from work, or the endless, without question, generosity and servitude that only Jane and her husband John can offer.  I always say Jane appeared like an angel the day I was 6 months pregnant, bent over, trying to start a lawn mower in the driveway.   Out of no where she appeared, helped me and then -poof- was gone in seconds.  Thank God, literally, she came over shortly after my daughter was born and that a wonderful friendship has blossomed!

I have just a few other close heartwarming wonderful friends - Kathi, Chris, Shalene, Dawn.  I'd rather have a few close loyal sincere friends, than 1000 fake , false, pseudo~friends.  Each of these ladies, I trust and know they were sent from above.  They've touched my life uniquely and continue to teach me, in their own ways, how to be a better person by just knowing them.

I have my faults, but when I love someone, I love them loyally and without question.
And I am very thankful for these things I mention today!
Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S..  I am NOT thankful for scales or fat cell!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Well the scale is sticking in a healthier than last year place.  I signed up for Hold The Stuffing here at work.  You weigh in before Thanksgiving and then after New Year's.  If you maintain your weight within 2 pounds, you can win a $50 gift card.  I weigh in tomorrow, which is funny, cause that is also our office Thanksgiving luncheon.  Should I weigh in before or after the luncheon?  Ha ha ha
I'm reading my Tosca book and it's simple and easy and makes sense until I put it to use in real life.  Only eat foods with 5 ingredients or less that you can actually pronounce.  Hmmm.....even the health bars in our break room had crazy ingredient names - polysoyglucosyrup or something.  I opted for least chemically sounding ingredients.   
I got a new pedometer today, after losing mine last Sunday.  So I missed a whole week's worth of steps for my Start! challenge here at work.  But I'm officially over 300K steps now!  Whoo hoo!  Remember I hoped for 600K by New Year's.
On the happiness note, I am pretty good.  I am feel the building of stress lately but it's different.  Instead of IN MY FACE STRESS, it's like a slow simmering stress.  My left jaw hurts and is locked, but a mouth guard is $175.  My husband's company STILL HAS NOT told his department if they are working Thanksgiving and the day after yet or not - so our holiday plans are on hold, which means holding off on plans for what to do with our dog and cat.  And then to top it all off, my old job called me and offered me part time work.  Now with the $175 mouth piece hanging over my head, I'm thinking some part time work will be nice.  But then there is more stress.  Our front yard is filled with Christmas blow ups and the full light up life sized manger scene.  I think my husband is holding off on putting up the tree for fear my heart might explode!
I am handling Christmas a little better this week.  The house has a soft candle light aura throughout it and it actually calms me rather than annoys me.  A little snow would be nice....
Well here's to a terrific Tuesday, new pedometers, and thankfulness for family and friends!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

234- Sweet Potato Ice Cream

I saw a receipe for Sweet Potato Ice Cream in my newest Clean Eating magazine the other day and it looked wonderful AND easy.  So my daughter and I decided to make it. 
Now it is a 3-day process, but thought it'd be fun.

So first you get one large sweet potato and cut it into 1/2" slices

We got a chance to use our pure Vermont maple syrup!

Place in 10.5 x 7" baking dish, cover with 1/2 cup maple syrup, toss until well covered and bake for 1 hour to soften (don't flip).  Remove from oven and go directly into the fridge over night to soften some more.

Place sweet potato slices and syrup in food processor puree sweet potato with syrup from dish until creamy -about 4 minutes.  With a rubber spatula scrape bowl to prevent syrup from settling on the bottom.  Add  2 cups almond milk* (they suggested oatmilk, but I couldn't find it) and blend.  Then add 1/2 cup honey, 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice and 1 tsp vanilla and blend until it goes from dark orange...

To a lighter color orange.  Mmmmmm!

Pour mixture into a 9x9 metal cake pan (I again substituted for another metal pan)...

and freeze for 12 hours until solid.

 Take out of freezer about 5 minutes prior to serving to soften, scoop and enjoy!
*Although I couldn't find oatmilk, I did find a recipe by Googling, if you're interested in trying.  Also Whole Foods Market may have oatmilk.

And now some kitchen hydiene humor.  I always tell my daughter she has to wash her hands before dealing with food.  I think she'd giggle at this:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

235 - Tosca Tuesday and Oz

Finally it's November 8th and Nookbook version of Tosca's Just the Rules is downloaded!!!  Last night about 10 the icon on my screen no longer said preordered so I thought maybe I'd get it early.  No such luck.  I just downloaded it this morning and am trying to flip through it while blogging and getting ready for work!  Did I finish her other book yet?  No, it was a very busy weekend and no reading really occured.  Will I wait?  Will I not?  Maybe I'll just flip through a thing or two!

Have you heard of this?  A friend of mine on Facebook posted she was doing the Dr Oz Transformation Nation and so, you know me, I had to check it out and then sign up!  This man is so knowledgeable!!!    Yesterday's show was how to lose 40 pounds.  OMG Sounds right up my alley!  Unfortuntely I'm not even off work when his show comes on and I don't have Tivo.  I'll have to try to catch it off his site or Hulu.

The scale is going down for me.  I'm almost where I was a few weeks ago!  But I'm drinking my lemon water, and regular water, and oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt for a snack and a honey crisp apple for my other snack and salad or turkey sandwiches for lunch.  Of course, it's only Tuesday!  ;)  Better go make my lunch!!!

P.S.  Sweet Potato Ice Cream will be ready to try tonight!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

237 - Good?

Yesterday me and my husband worked our butts off, or so you'd think!  We hauled and spread 6 SCOOPS (cb sq ft each) of mulch around a big yard and then mowed a 3 acre yard.  And once we're done mowing, I get to carry the professional "blower" that weighs about 10 pounds.  We were both pooped last night (it took all day) and still pooped today.  Of course, I weighed myself this morning and somehow gained weight..  Only me, I swear!
I've noticed a few bodily/health things lately.  One, my joints hurt, my knee is tender and it feels almost like a warning - be careful, Sheri, be careful.  Dutily noted, too!  My elbows hurt!  It feels like someone is pulling the humorus apart from the ulna and radius! and the space inbetween just aches.  I think it's my joints telling me you're not getting enough water, Sheri, be careful!
Last week I could feel some of things coming on, plus the scale not going the way I want it to go.  I looked at the calendar - how long is 239 days?  It's roughy 8 months.  SHEW!  That is still a long time.  So I straightened up and started drinking my hot lemon water again in the mornings.  My innerards (ha ha ha) seem to be happy about that!  Two days of Burger King for breakfast and I could tell an addiction already happening!  So I started back on the oatmeal - it's instant, but I opted for the lowered sugar one.  I may try the regular oatmeal again, but it wasn't a great experience for me last time.  My water bottle has started going with me everywhere again, too!  I can't be whining like an 80-year old that my joints hurt!  Goodbye Diet Cokes and Diet Mt Dew's and all the cancerous fake sugars you hold!  I'm trying to tone down my coffee, too.  The lemon water in the am really helps.  I start that right away and it takes awhile to drink cuz it's so hot, so by the time I finish it, I don't have time for coffee except to go.  And I don't drink the coffee at work.  I'd like to add more sleep to my goals, but this weekend has been hard.  Also, my husband and I want to start on abs and stretching/yoga.  We both notice our stiffness and don't want to be a stone skeleton in our 40's (not that I'm 40 yet!!  ha ha ha).
Today my daughter and I had a mother daughter day and went to Mimi's Cafe.  Neither of us have been.
I was a little rushed in my decision, but got the turkey, brie, cranberry croissant (OMG didn't I just say those were bad?).  The sides weren't very healthy - fries, cole slaw, or I can't remember the last one.  I just got the fries but only had - - - are you ready - - - -TWO!  I swear in my life I only had 2 french fries.. 
This was part of their seasonal special, so I can't seem to find the nutritional value for this anywhere on line.  If anyone can, please COMMENT on it for me.  {{{sigh}}} now that I'm looking at that, Im starting to think my decision wasn't as healthy as I thought it was. 

Well here is to a healthy happy week!

Friday, November 4, 2011

239 - Holiday Anxiety

I found this yesterday after I was, well, very high anxiety (HA).  Is anxietic a word?  I'll have to check on that.  But I found this article from and found it very helpful.  I especially have taken notice to #2, #3, #4, #8, #18, #19, and #20. 
I am finding myself learning to express myself in a calm rational manner and people seem to be responding in the same way.  If I can tell my husband, I'm HA today and I'm working on it, please just be patient with me, he seems to understand and gives me the support I need. 
The 2nd and 3rd most important things for me are - lots of rest (no late nighters) and less caffeine.

20 Ways to Deal with Holiday Anxiety

By Eileen Bailey,

The holidays are a stressful time for many different reasons. Some people with anxiety have a difficult time with the many activities going on, some may be experiencing financial difficulties, sleep may suffer and the expectations of our holiday season may not measure up to the reality in our lives.
Whatever the reason, often those with anxiety feel symptoms increase and become out of control during the holiday season. When anxiety increases during this time of year, people sometimes ignore discussing it with their doctor or seeking help. They may feel it is normal to feel anxious and therefore feel they must somehow live through it or they may feel there really isn’t any help available.
The following are twenty tips for helping to keep anxiety under control during the holiday season:
1)      Spend some time giving to someone else. This can be through volunteering for a local organization or just helping people that may need assistance. Helping someone else makes you feel good and reminds you of the spiritual meaning of the holiday season.
2)      Lower your expectations. Keep your expectations of the season realistic with your situation. Instead of spending more money than you can afford, limit your purchases to meet your budget. Instead of believing this year the family get-together will be great, accept your relationship with your family. Instead of spending every night at a different holiday function, spend some time at home, enjoying the quiet time spent with family or friends.
3)      Get plenty of rest. It is tempting to spend extra time at parties or events and then still get up early the next morning for work. But it is important to continue to get a good nights sleep each night. Anxiety attack can happen more frequently if you do not get the proper rest.
4)      As much as rest is important, eating healthy and continuing (or beginning) an exercise program to keep up a healthy lifestyle is important to keeping anxiety attacks minimal and under control.
5)      Instead of getting angry and irritated at the long lines, take the time to start a conversation with someone else standing in line and wish them a happy and healthy holiday season. Bringing a smile to someone else can improve your mood and help spread the spiritual meaning of the holidays.
6)      Practice communication and listening skills. Use methods such as repeating back what someone has said to let them know you have heard them. Gently change the subject if a conversation is becoming stressful for you or for another family member.
7)      Limit time spent at holiday parties, especially if you feel uncomfortable. How much time you spend at the party is not as important as being there. Come late and then excuse yourself early. Showing up is sometimes all that matters.
8)      Avoid alcohol, it can increase anxiety symptoms.
9)      Bring a friend with you to holiday parties to provide support.
10)  If you are traveling by car to visit relatives, drive at off peak times to avoid traffic, consider resting during the day and driving after dinner instead of driving during the day.
11)  Take your time driving, drive at a safe speed, don’t use your cell phone when driving and defer the right of way to an aggressive driver.
12)  If traveling by air, schedule flights during off peak hours, check with the airport for scheduling changes, and give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport.
13)  Remember delays at the airport are normally safety measures and done to be sure all travelers remain safe during their journey.
14)  If you are prone to anxiety attacks, let a friend know you may be calling during your trip for support. Your friend may be able to talk to you and provide ways for you to remain calm.
15)  If you don’t have family in the area and will not be visiting family, talk to co-workers and friends to find out who else is in the same situation. Ask if they might be interested in having a holiday dinner together.
16)  If you are feeling lonely, reach out to talk with someone, whether by phone or to get together with someone for a social event. Don’t sit home feeling lonely and depressed.
17)  Check the local newspaper for holiday concerts and events. These are normally low cost or free and can fit into anyone’s budget. Take your family to community events, not only will you feel part of your community but you will have enjoyed spending time with your family.
18)  Take time out of the holiday events to spend an evening at home, quietly. Watch a movie with your family or just spend time being by yourself.
19)  Plan ahead for shopping trips or entertaining. Avoid last minute scrambling to get gifts or buy supplies for cooking. Make lists and have a purpose for shopping trips.
20)  Acknowledge your feelings. If you are feeling sad or highly anxious, accept your feelings. There may be a legitimate reason for feeling sad or anxious. Use strategies such as deep breathing or other relaxation techniques to help you calm down.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

240 - Frustrated and Thankful Thursday

The Frustrated part -

Ugh, the scale is up, up, up!!!!!  -
Nov 1- Jan 9th, my life is chaotic - or as I like to call it Holiday Hell.  Those who know me, already know this story, but it's just so stressful with EVERYTHING.  Now I'm not saying I gained 5 pounds since Nov 1, I haven't even touched Halloween candy - but I'm already losing my grasp on time, organization, planning - including lunch making and dinner, shopping. 
One thing, I've cut down on the wine.  That really isn't going to help anything by drinking calories.
I have noticed breakfast is a big thing for me, especially once it gets cold.  I wants something warm and filling!  Yesterday, get this, I made a nice bowl of healthy oatmeal.  Loved it.  Drove to work and hit Burger King - totally forgetting I JUST ATE BREAKFAST!!  I didn't even remember I had oatmeal until later that afternoon.  Now I had a nice salad for lunch, but church council after work and getting home late, what was there for dinner?  A minislice of the Red Baron's pepperoni pizza the kids and hubby had.  Now I did make another salad though, and nom nom nommed on that!
This morning - lemon water - I need to clean my system out!!!!!
Goals this week - meal plan, more water, lemon water every morning, more salad, and more walking.

Thankful Thursday -
I am so thankful for my family #1!!! 
I am very thankful for this blog.  I'm hoping it helps me map out my direction to 40.  As you can see, it's my own path as I knew it would be.  I always march to the beat of a different drum.  I'm just glad I have a place to discuss and share.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

242 - Last Year For Pumpkin Seeds

Every year I attempt to make roasted pumpkin seeds.  I can remember my mother making them when we were younger and them being good.  However, each year I make them, they are a flop.  I try a different recipe each time to no avail.  This was my last attempt.

First, carve the pumpkin

Scrape pumpking for seeds

Disgard pumpkin from seeds and rinse well

For every 1/2 cup of seeds, add to 2 cups boiling water and 1 tbsp of salt for 10 minutes

Drain and rinse.

pour seeds into roasting pan lightly covered with olive oil

Roast at 400 for about 10-15 minutes depending on browing you prefer

cool on rack and serve

I didn't like them.  I think the problem is I no longer like pumpkin seeds because people in the office really liked them.  So this will be my last year of roasting pumpkin seeds.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pre-Ordered Today!!!!

Oooh Im so excited!
I just preordered Tosca's newest book from B&N for my NookColor!
I had tried to get this last week, but it wasn't available via Nookcolor.  So I clicked the button to "Suggest to publisher you want it on NOOKCOLOR!"  And vwalah, I was notified it was ready to preorder and will be available Nov 8th!  The cost?  $8.95 - not too shabby!
So I now have a triliology of Tosca books - haven't finished a full one yet!  Bwah haw haw  Almost done with The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged!  And I'm make a deal to finish this one before Nov 8TH!!!
And I've started Your Best Body Now: Look and Feel Fabulous at Any Age the Eat-Clean Way, but so far that is starting off the same.  So we'll see!
But I was very excited to share that her newest book is available for preorder!  YEAY!

249- Turkey Tuesday

The infamous turkey sandwich I've promised to post

A few posts back, I was telling you about my turkey sandwich obsession.  I am finally now getting a photo posted.  As you can see it's a pretty plain turkey sandwich, and early in the dark morning, it doesn't photograph too well - about like me.  But there it is in all it's glory and I cannot wait to eat it even before lunch!

 After yesterday's starvation (not really) hungerfest, I wanted to be sure to get up and make my lunch and prepare a breakfast right away!  This is the layout on my kitchen counter this morning.  Again, you can see the turkey sandwich is pretty plain, but wait!  What is that pinkish meat on the sandwich?  I decided today to doll it up with one thin slice of brown sugar ham!!!  Still no cheese!  I had forgotten that the kids love Cheerios and decided to try Banana Nut Cheerios (love the 2 box tops!).  For 3/4 cup, it's only 100 calories.  This is great for me because I like to take cereal to work as a snack to munch on throughout the day instead of chips (Doritos) or sugary snacks (Kit Kats, M&M's - and I don't even like chocolate!).
A key ingredient I've been lacking lately? The old water bottle!  We have an ice machine and a filtered water machine at work so there is no excuse - unless of course you don't have a container in which to put those items. 
One other key ingredient I have today, that I haven't had lately is 8.5 hours of sleep last night.  Oh, man, what a difference that makes!  I have such a better attitude already this morning and feel great!
So back on track today and am really relieved!  It's a mad world out there filled with bad choices and if you're not prepared and weak, you'll fall into the trap almost every time!!!

Have a happy healthy day!!!