Sunday, March 20, 2011


With a busy weekend I only posted about my mowing.  But I didn't get to post about something much more important - friendship.
My best friend, Jane, and her husband, John, came in this weekend.  And she is not just my friend, her husband John is my friend, too.  I don't feel he's part of friendship as a duo with his wife, I feel he is a friend on stand alone terms.  And they are not just my friends, but friends of our WHOLE FAMILY!!!!  Cory, who doesn't like many people at all, truely cares for John and Jane.  The kids - please - they adore and love John and Jane.  They are such good friends, they are actually part of the family.  So having them come down, if only for the stop over, was so wonderful!  It felt good to be relaxed and comfortable with friends, and laugh, remember, and to even plan for months down the road.  It was a great visit and none of us can wait to spend time with them again.  THAT is happiness!  Friendship and family and love!  Am I'm blessed to have these gifts in my life.

Jane and Sheri

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