Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am thoroughly exhausted. 
I took Max and went on our 2.4 mile walk.  He did great.  We got home and friends were here to pick up their daughter.  I brought Max in the house so he wouldn't get all excited.  I went and got the baby gate to keep him down in our office.  About that time my friend walked past outside and Max got excited and jump to the door - putting his paw into the glass and shattering it.  Scared the hell out of them and it's an old door so it's just single pane.  The glass spiderwebbed and some went out.  luckily not hurting anyone.  I looked back and although sheepish, Max was fine.  We got all the glass out of the door and then I saw Max licking his paws.  Sure enough he cut himself in two places.  He wasn't really bleeding but I held pressure to be sure.  So now we need a new door - which was in the plans anyway, but just not right now.  And my husband is beyond pissed at Max and is really wanting to get rid of him.  I'm not going to let him.  I'm really upset.  I mean I understand he's chewed up about $175 worth of gaming controllers and now a new door.  Max is really friendly and loving not mean at all, he just gets so excited.
 I dunno.  Turned out to be a bad night.  I'm just glad Max wasn't seriously hurt OR our friends walking by with the shooting glass.

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Kathi said...

Just like kids, Max need to be trained on what is acceptable and not acceptable but this will take time and being consistent. He just need some guidance.