Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Patiences and mothers

Obviously I'm frustrated with the weight range I'm stuck in in contrast to the efforts I'm putting in.  Everyone keeps telling me be patient, give it more time, don't get frustrated.  Even my mom.  Now I rarely go to my mother with weight loss/gain concern.  She is the queen of Weight Watchers, diet, Slimfast, and "bars" - meaning snack bars, meal bars etc.  When she was very  young she was heavy.  Then she lost all this weight and has weight phoebia.  But she knows almost everything there is to know - which I am NOT saying sarcastically, but she delivers it all very edgy.  She is also very critical of everyone - thin, fat, tall, short, buxom - you name it she critiques it (gee wonder where I get it).  So I have a hard time discussing with her knowing her thoughts etc.  Anyway tonight weight came up and even she said just dont' give up, don't get frustrated just continue the good things you are doing. And then I got a post from a group blog about not giving up.  I think Im getting sent a message - but I can't quite read it!  ha ha ha  DON'T GET FRUSTRATED, DON'T GIVE UP!
I did get to walk today but not the distance I wanted.  The kids and I were about to head to the park when our neighbor and her two boys were going too.  So it was a pack and we were more concerned with kids in the park and cars than how fast and how far I was walking.  We did the 1.6 and I was stressed ready to get home.  Then we all played in the yard, I helped Cory move the trailer containing all the lawn equipment across the yard - my strength training for the day, and ended the day of relaxing in the hottub with a cup of coffee!!!  Muscles fee great!
So Im off to bed for a semi-early night for me and looking forward to a new sunny bright healthy day tomorrow!
I'm thinking veggie sandwiches again!

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