Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

I am loving my walks!  I'm getting out this week rain or shine and it feels good!  I actually made my walk yesterday while my husband  played with the kids and one of their friend from schools.  I walked 2.4 miles!!!!   I'm finally starting this path and as I go to leave for my walk, my husband, Cory, says, "Why are you going for a walk when we're all outside playing?"  I tried to explain to him that I hadn't gotten my walk in yet today and wanted to before it got dark.  I make it down to the park, around once, and then he pulls up with the kids behind me.  "Come on babe, let's head over to the hottub."  Uh, no, I'm walking.  I mean,  I am walking and having to argue with him to let me walk and get some exercise!!!  And he and the kids wouldn't take no for an answer.  Finally I told them drive around and meet me at home.  Then I took off running!!  HA HA HA  I had to stop a few times to catch my breath, but it really felt good and I beat them home!!!
I didn't take Max with me cuz I didn't get his harness fixed yesterday.  And the park is really safe, surrounded one on side by houses - even a friend we know.  But I always keep my eye out for suspicious people or cars parked with dark windows.  As I am walking I hear a car coming up so I turn around and they're coming really slow (it IS a park) and close to me.  Then this gray car was next to me and I was looking right at these two guys who creepily smiled and kept going.  My instinct was to text Cory the license plate... just in case.  He, of course, is confused by this, I explain it and he laughs.  I replied, Uh, no - not ha ha, could be serious.  Nice to know he could never interpret my clues if they really mattered.  I think after all the Kara Kopetsky and Kelsie Smith issues I'm just always thinking waaaaay too far ahead.
So the scary part.  Mrs. Kathi is helping down My Path.  I am student.  She is instructor!  Today we discussed calories.  1200 comes to mind immediately.  Kathi says 1500-2000!!!  That is a very large number in my eyes.  I mean, sure I've probably eatten that in JUNK FOODaccidentally or holiday binging or too much wine and snacks, but to pack it in on a regular day with healthy food - that is a lot to eat.  She asks me why it scares me and I say it's 500-700 more than normal and I'm afraid I'll blow up!  She just try it for a few days.  Even today I am already realizing when I only eat 129 calories for breakfast, of course I'm hungry again 2 hours later.  And my 70 calories worth of  peperocini's and kalamata olives does not tide me over very long.  And that awesome grilled chicken sandwich I plan to grill for dinner WITH BAR-B-QUE SAUCE is only 298 calories - I need about 500 for each meal!  So I'm paying even more attention to what I'm eating and when.  I love learning these things and even better yet - understanding them!

I got Max's harness fixed today so we will both be walking this afternoon - not worrying about slow creepy cars.  If I ever post a license plate number, someone please call for help.  Cuz I can almost promise you, my husband won't get it! ;)

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