Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Berry Morning!

This morning, my daughter and I tried a mixed berry with pomegranted smoothie!!!  We both love it!
Dole makes the frozen package of fruit and I just added 1 cup of 1% milk to the blender of fruit!  because I was sharing it with Elaine, I did had 1 package of Sweet N Low.  After tasting it, 1/2 package would have been enough. For 1 cup it was 100 calories - fruit was 70 plus the milk and the SNL.

The scale dropped for me this morning, so I'm hoping my attempt at healthy eating and my walks are helping.  I know it's all about small steps.  I have to go get Max's harness sewn today at a little alternations shop in town because my sewing machine will never go through that thick material.  Also I had to move the cats food off the side counter in the kitchen and up into the high windowsill to keep Max from constantly jumping up and getting into it.  I swear this dog is just killing me!
Looking forward to my walk today and eating healthy healthy healthy!

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