Sunday, March 13, 2011

A new week

Sunday's are so great!  A morning of adult Bible study and church.  My slate of sin is wiped clean, I have a clear soul and I am ready to start the rest of the day and week.  Especially after last week, I needed that!
I read last Monday's blog and man, it's like I knew it was going to be hard, but little did I know.  And it all worked out, right? 
I am a little frustrated with my weight.  I started this blog, what?  2 weeks ago?  I'm still stuck in the 160's.  I hate that.  167, 168, 168, 169, 168, 169, 168.168.  How can I be stuck?  What have I done differently?  I've added any form of exercise on a regular daily basis - walking.  Between 1.6 and 2.4 miles - and almost always it was the latter.  Rain, cold, sunny what have you, I went walking.  I've been drinking so much water, so much more water than I had before - usually at least 8 glasses a day, and some days more.  I've been keeping a good food journal that I look back on.  My diet has drastically changed - adding so many more veggies and fruit and protein!  Removing wine, sodas, potato chips, cheese.  All of this should be good, and I honestly know it is.  I figured it'd take 2 weeks for a good steady change to show.  So this being my third week, I really hope to see the scale drop and not fluctuate back up again.  i'm usually my own worst critic, but even looking in the mirror, I can see slight changes already!  I did not take measurements before hand, but now wish I would.  I'll try to find my measuring tape tomorrow and track the changes from here.
Now with my diet I've had some cheese but not NEARLY what I was eating before.  I have noticed I have craved Girl Scout cookies - which I rarely crave sweets - but maybe cuz it's been more involved this week I've enjoyed them more.  But they've been the Lemon Chalets - not the Samoas.  oooh, and a frozen Thin Mint occassionally, but 1 or 2 not a whole sleeve or box!  I have had several pepperoni this week as we were going to make pizzas again.  But still I  have a hard time believing thse little things make such a difference.  Cuz at this point, I could have not changed a thing and still be stuck in the upper 160's.
So I'm hoping this week is the turning point and am not giving up!  I like the food and exercise changes I've made.  Their life changes, not short term diet changes.
One good happy thing this week, that is going to keep me smiling and my spirits up - - - Jane, my best friend, is coming to visit with her husband, John this weekend!  They are such an important part of mine and the family's life!!!  I really look forward to seeing them if only for a short time! 
It's a new day, a new week and I hope to make the best of it!

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