Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shame on me....

If you caught my early early morning post, you know I was acting like a baby.  The 4 year old in the pink dress with patten leather shoes.  "I can't"  - - what kind of a quitter phrase is that?  I can't - I can't lose weight or I won't?  I can't or I'm just not giving it 100%?    So if you haven't guessed the scale jumped today.  And a little red flag popped up when I remembered what I've eatten lately:  Pepperoni. 

Let's talk about pepperoni.  We all know it's BAD - fatty, greasy but full of flavor and oh so small!!!  But because, as I've said, I'm my own worst critic, I dug that little teeny weeny bag that the pepperoni came in, out of the trash - which is where I was also reminded that I had 2, not 1, but 2 Welches Fruit snacks last night at 80 calories each (definitely could have had a worst snack) - and discovered just how many calories and fat I ingested since the weekend.
14 slices of pepperoni (okay I am almost positive I did not each 14 at a sitting, so I have that going for me) are 140 caloires and 13g of fat!!!  Now how many servings are in each TEENY WEENY package?  8. 
Insert Yahoo's shocked and shaking face.  So I had 1120 calories worth of pepperoni since Friday.  Which is really only 224 calories per day.  Hmmmmm.  That doesn't sound bad, had some protein out of it, but it is very high in fat and sodium (490 per serving.).
So removing pepperoni from grocery list, since obviously I cannot control myself, and the Girl Scout cookies are just about gone - a few Thin Mints still in the freezer. 
My body is sooooo sore from painting.  How pathetic is that?  Everyone has asked me if I used a ladder?  Yes, a 2 step stepstool - but apparently that is what does it to you.  My hamstrings are so sore if you poked me, I'd drop to the floor and whimper!  HA HA HA  From PAINTING?!?!?! 
Okay, back to my walks today - work has interfered, but I figured my painting work out made up for it.  I'm contemplating Bob's Cardio Maxx, but I'm not sure my legs could handle it.  We'll see......

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