Thursday, March 10, 2011


Back to the Happiness portion of this blog. 
By my title, I'm sure it's obvious that I'm not feeling too "happy" today.  Disappointment is something we all experience.  It's something we teach our kids that is part of life.  Understanding disappointment is one thing, but dealing with disappointment is a whole other ballgame!  And I while I like to think of myself as a mature woman, sometimes I still want to be that little 4 year old girl in a pink dress, white socks, and pattenleather black shoes who might have gotten away with stomping my feet and crying, or the teenage girl who stomps down the hall and slams her bedroom door.  And then I think, well just not talking might be a more mature approach that really gets the message across that I'm miffed.  But none of these actions really help.  And none of them seem like a mature thing to do - although a good door slamming can make anyone feel better. 
So what do you do?  Go for a walk.  Sweat it out.  Make a plan to make things better next time.  Change.  Let is go.  Suck it up and move on.  These are better healthier solutions.  But somewhere in the back of my mind, that old attitude rears it ugly head that says, "This sucks and it isn't fair and I don't deserve this."  And my current attitude standing there tall and strong with arms cross across the chest, seems to, if only for a moment, turn around - look at my old attitude and give it a wink as if to say, "Yeah you're right."  And then goes right back to being a better attitude, tall, strong, and crossed arms across the chest.
Hmmmf.  I'd rather slam a door.

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Kathi said...

Love this post! So fitting for me today.