Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shakey, Suckie, and exhausted

It's been a week.  It's been a morning.
I didn't even feel like eating this morning, but I had coffee and a hardboiled egg just to have something in my tummy.
I'm running on E this week between work, prayer revival (which I loved), Halloween costumes and my upcoming weekend workshop for my job.  So I've been up til midnight and up at 4:30am almost all week. 
Just as we're leaving for school today, my daughter feeds the fish and accidentally dumps the entire container of fish food into our 30 gallon tank.  Disaster.  The clean up was stressful and at some point had to stop so we could get going.  I had Bible study before coming home.  They had raisin, zucchini, carrot muffins.  I had one since she said they were only 125 calories and then I started getting shaky.  This happened yesterday too.  Blood sugar drop?  I don't know but I can't concentrate and my head is swoony.   After the study, I still had to stop at the aquarium shop.  $23 later it's no doubt I have to clean the entire tank which means lifting the 13 gallon trash container full of dirty water three times from the tank to the bathroom and then replacing all that water with fresh water three times.  In this process the aquarium heater broke, I had to get all fish out - including the slimy thick creepy sucker fish we call Suckie.  Not having another tank, I had to put them in my beloved TRUFFLE DISH!   I got the aquarium shop on the phone trying to tell me what to do. I got the all clear, when to put the sucker fish back in the tank and it jumped out and (I think) at me and landed on the floor.  I took off screaming to the back bedrooms, the dog high tailed it off the other direction to his house, and I had to get myself together.  Eventually I went back out got the fish in the net and back into the tank.  I was shaky again.  Not sure what's going on.  I'm sure lack of sleep.  I remembered being pregnant with my daughter the same think happened.  My doctor told me I needed more protein.  So today I made an egg (what is it with me and eggs lately?) on toast with 2 thin slices of ham and some onion.  I don't really feel that much better, but I'm not shaky.  
I sent an email to my boss I was leaving for the day until further notice. 
I'm just exhausted.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hump Day

Day Two Outlook: 

Hump Day Video!

It's a little long and dark - I was tired of being pink/orange/red from my multicolored desk lamp in my videos.

My disappointing oatmeal

To keep me on track, I had to take the fitness evaluation for our health insurance.  For those that remember, I did this last year too and came up short.    When I was finished, it said Congratulations and my score of 73.  I was all excited - I passed this time.  WRONG!!!  You had to scroll down and click several other links to find out.....
Yep, I have to drop one bmi point to get my insurance discount.  I'm not complaining, with all the healthcare costs etc, I should have to own up to my part for a discount.  I'm lucky to even have coverage (even though we pay WELL for it!). 
 So I'm pretty sure, I'm doing the right thing in self evaluation and getting back on track.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Starting Over...Again

I stared at that picture a lot last night.
I even put it on my iphone so I could stare at it whenever I wanted to.
I've not made any big decisions. 
I got out of bed and put my pedometer on.  I walked to the bathroom and then weighed myself.  Same weight I've been for about 2 weeks now.  So I guess no major change there.  But it's noted and it's another starting point. 
So I come out of the bedroom this morning, stumble to the Keurig and I see this...

The last of the wonderful blueberry muffins I made yesterday.  Now yesterday, I would have popped this in my mouth before the Keurig even spit out my cup of coffee.  Today I pushed it aside and made the coffee.
I guess my first decision I'm going to have to make with nutrition is my coffee.  I need my coffee.  I've come way down on my coffee intake since purchasing this Keurig.  2 cups a day.  I use Coffeemate's liquid creamers - usually Fat Free, but with Pumpkin Spice out for fall, I've switched over to it and there isn't a fat free version.  Guess maybe I just need to have it as a Friday Treat?  For today though I pour in about 3 tbsps. 
That lead me to the computer to log on and start back with so I can track everything.  I see ladies on there checking in for the 140th day and even my friend, Shelley, over 400 days in A ROW checking in.  That's accountability.  I'm  not sure I've ever done something every day for over a year other than breathing.
My plan for today is basic foods.  No snacks.  No soda (argh - can't believe that might even bother me, I used to never have soda).  More water.  Those are the only nutritional decisions I've made.  Oh and no cheese.  I think this is do-able.

Further in the photo album from that party, I came across this picture.  And I recognize this lady. 
The horror picture of the last post I won't forget, I will view that daily.  But it's nice to see a picture from the same day, from the save event, in the same outfit that I DO see and like myself.

So with coffee starting to flow into my veins, I'm off to start the day.  We are in the middle of a Prayer Revival at church and I think I'm at the point I need to pray for my health and fitness and that I make wise decisions.  Why not ask God for help - he's moved mountains, surely he can help me move the scale!

Monday, October 21, 2013

That moment

We had a 50th birthday surprise party for our pastor a little over a week ago.  It had been a hectic day prior to the party, I was stressed and about in tears once or twice (none of this over the party whatsoever). We had like 5 minutes to get ready and head out the door.
Tonight, sitting in my very lose elastic fleece Halloween pajama pants,  I was flipping thru Facebook and came across the pictures from the party.  When I came across this picture, I recognized Pastor and a friend (I cropped them out) but I did not recognize myself.  Wow!
Right now, typing this only my feet and legs appear cuz I'm scrolled down.  I don't look heavy or anything.  But as I scroll up, I am large. 
I see this picture and see an old friend of mine who was very large.  I see older ladies at the school out of shape and top heavy. 
This is bad.
The first thing I did was get up and get a glass of water.
The 2nd thing I did was my usual cut and dry, I'm gonna do this and this and no more of that.  Yeah, that doesn't work for me.
Next I searched You Tube Videos for Tosca Reno, and after listening to one or two, she annoyed me and I shut it off.
Now, I'm just staring at this picture.  Trying to figure out who this person is.
I'm gonna need some time to think about this.  Ive definitely taken a bad turn on My Path. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Video Wednesday and Walktober

Someone sent me this today and it cracked me up big time!

And here is Video Wednesday's Video Blog......Enjoy
Please ignore the annoying slop of the ipad, nice shot up my nose. 
But I think my eye contact is much better.