Thursday, March 3, 2011


For happiness today:
My best friend, Jane, is a wealth of knowledge and brilliant ideas!  After last night when Max first cut himself, the vet was already closed, my husband was too ticked off to care, so I called Jane.  She and her husband have a black lab, Monty, and are excellent with him.  So I called her to get her opinion.  She agrees that is sounds like Max does not need to go to the vet since he was not bleeding much at all.  And she helped calm me down.  After a night of hubby still be ticked about broken glass, dog, needing new door, Jane suggested to me this morning that I go get a piece of plexy glass cut.  At first I wasn't thinking of the right thing, but then I got it!  Again, a brillia1t idea.  So two trips to Lowe's later (first measurement not quite right and guy cut it not quite right either), I now have the door fixed.  It's an ugly door and we plan to replace it soon, but for right now and $10.67 later, I'm thrilled with it.  I also stopped at Walmart and got a choker collar and a 30' vinyl covered steel threaded rop for Max so he can be outside.  And in Tennessee that also means starting Frontline today!  Still all cheaper than a new door!

Onto my health:
Last night I decided to try this simple simple bar-b-que grilled chicken sandwich.  It was so simple, it was a joke.  Hubby loved it and had 2.  I just put a boneless skinless chicken breast on the grill then tossed it on a whole wheat bun with very minimal low fat mayonaise, a piece of lettuce and some diced tomatoes.  It's less than 289 calories!!!  But today for an early lunch, I dolled mine up!  I added a few dill pickle slices and several pepericino's.  OMG it is delish!!!!!

I hope to get my walk today, but I'm not even near getting my work done.  So I'd better hit it.
One thing I know is I stress easily.  Today, my left underarm started hurting near my chest.  I just observe these things cuz A) I'm always stressedand  B) heart attacks run in my family.
But door fixed, belly full, gonna tackle work and head out into this beautiful day!!!!

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