Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chest pain and prayers

Yesterday was a crappy day.  Chalk it up and move on, right?  I worked until 2am to make up my time from all the interruptions and things during the day.  Slept in til a horridly late (ha ha ha) 7am,  got the kids ready and then headed over to mom's to use the printer while our computer is being examined.  I sit down, open my email and there It is.  My email pink slip.  I blinked once in disbelief.  My stomach instantly balled up into a huge knot and panic ensued.  Mom asked what was wrong and I just stormed out the front door telling her I had just gotten $%^&*(*&^% layed off!  I had to get home.  I prayed the whole time and also texted Cory and kept praying.  Praying for quick re-employment, for income, for my kids, for us.  When I got home I sat at my computer.  Said another prayer and then reread the email 5 maybe 6 times.  Sure enough - "...we hate to be the bearer of this news, we are so sorry, please file for unemployment..." on and on.  I finally emailed my boss telling her although I knew this was a possibility, I was truely blind sided this morning.  I started to enter my hours as instructed and was about to call Tennessee Unemployement when DING an email from my boss came in,
"NO!!!!!!!  You are not benched!!!!  You need to be coding!!!!!'
Uhm, What?  And that is what I replied.
And then the miracle and power of prayer came into my life, once again...
I was incorrectly included in an email that was sent out to many people in my office this morning. 
I was not layed off.  I am very much employed.  Honestly, I just broke down and cried.
Again, I don't think my heart will make it live past 55 or 60, especially with cruel jokes like this,
But I can tell you, as much as I liked my job yesterday, I FREAKING LOVE IT AND LOVE HAVING IT TODAY!!!
Praise God!  Amen....
And now, I'm getting my ass to work!  Right after I pray for all those hard working people who are fumbling around their morning after receiving that correct email this morning.
Remember to count your blessings and I hope you have a GREAT day!!!

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