Monday, March 21, 2011

Tosca, Forgiveness, and Sixx!!!

Well not so active a day as this weekend had been.  I worked at my desk then got out and rode the aerator around the yard with the kids, cleaned the van - and I mean cleaned - took plastic floor plates off and am still scouring the spilt whatever gross stuff was down there!  I got an email from the library that my book request was ready.  I went and picked up Tosca Reno's Your Best  Body Now.
Tosca Reno's Best Body Now
 It looks really good and it's not available on Nook yet, so I can't wait to dive into it tonight.  Right now I'm finishing up The Dirt by Motley Crue!  HA HA HA A little opposite ends of the scale!!  Crue is my happiness - at least Nikki Sixx is, if you don't already know that! 

Oooh la la!
Any way, what was I saying?
Oh yes, onto another part of happiness today, although the prevy is so much better, I found this little ditty on
I haven't read the entire article yet, but I loved this statement:

And it's just so true.  I don't know if its the Italian in me, but I hold a grudge when I'm ticked off or when someone ticks me off.  And the stress that causes is just ridiculous!  My neck tenses,  my mouth pouts, my jaw locks, it's so insane!  Now I know I can't expect to never get mad or that someone or something won't tick me off, but I can expect not to hold a grudge about it forever!  Please read the article, the first half I've read so far, really is good!

Happy off to Sixxy land - - my happy place! 

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