Saturday, March 26, 2011

Same ole situation

Nothing too incredible going on around here lately, but wanted to post.
Yesterday a friend of mine had her last day of work, so of course all the ladies went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate.  I am discovering I am replacing my given up for Lent wine with margaritas.  Not good!!!  Although I did not have the fatty cheesy dinners that everyone was ordering, I did eat too many chips with the salsa.  Today I plan to catch up on my work while I still have some and then work outside with my husband and our neighbor even though it's 37 degrees!  What is up with that?!
I checked my Jiffy starter box today and look what is happening right on my kitchen table?!?!?
These are my peperonchino plants on the left, cilantro in the middle, and jalepeno's on the right.  My little salsa garden.  I am so excited.  I removed the house lid and moved them to my windowsill.  With the crazy weather not sure when I'll be able to plant them outside, but for now I just need to keep our cat, Milo, away from them!  So my happiness for the day is that I can create!  I have brought to live little green plants from seeds and will provide myself with nutrition, health, and happiness! 
Have a happy healthy day!!!

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