Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday and another NEW ADVENTURE!

TGIF, everyone!
This morning I went grocery shopping slowing browsing through the fresh produce to see what all is really out there and enjoyed seeing cantelope come out and watermelon, fresh plumbs, and grapes!  Once I got to the frozen foods for some veggies I grew curious at the vegan snacks and meals.  I decided to go waaaaaaaay out on a limb and try something new!  I was so excited with my strange purchase but then forgot about it once I got home.  I had a couple of things to do before work and had some low fat cottage cheese and fruit for a snack.  Here was my lunch today:
Man does that look good or what?  I had veggies earlier so I just ate my burger by itself.  With the soft whole wheat bun andsimple toppings, I figured this to be 300 calories.  Not too bad!!  AND I didn't even feel guilty about a slab of juicy red meat!

Because it's Morning Stars Grillers Prime vegan burger!!!!  And it wasn't bad at all!!!  You just warm it up for a minute 30 then flip for another 15.  Great lunch and I full and guilt free!
Almost guilt free - - -I need to go for a walk!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I'm having so much fun exploring VERY new and strange things that I would have never tried before!
For my happiness, Max got a new LEATHER collar today!  If he breaks or chews this one off I'll be amazed!
There's my little 60lb terror of trouble!  Speaking of which, I'd better get him out for his walk, too!
Have a great Friday!!!!

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