Sunday, July 28, 2013

My back, the cat, the dog, and my stomach. Oooooof!

I've done nothing productive/healthy today.  After feeling great yesterday, I feel horrible again today.  My back and my neck and my head hurt and then to troll it up nice and neat, my stomach is nauseous.  I tried some pasta salad, a whole whopping 1/2 cup and THEN discovered a half cup has 4420 calories.  I was so mad!!!!!
After talking with a friend on chat today, I put it all together that this back/stomach thing all started Tuesday.  Walking around downtown in my wedges, the sidewalk was unevenly angular (does that make sense?) in one part.  I stepped and with a jar to my back, my foot dropped to the sidewalk.  It was lower than the previous chunk of sidewalk, but instead of a straight drop, it was angled down.  That's when my stomach pains started.   All weeks it's been bothering me, then getting hit in the lower head/neck with the shower curtain rod it got worse.  Yesterday was the first day I've felt great!  I thought, oh good it was just a bug or something.  This morning, I woke up stiff but after sitting in church, although we have padded bottom pews, my back started hurting and then, sure enough, my stomach.  Honestly it feels like the nausea of early pregnancy, which I am not!  Nothing seems to help except taking things slowly - which is near impossible around here.  Max chased a dog out of our yard and down the street.  Then our neighbor brought her 7 week kitten over and Max went crazy, the kitten went crazy and then bit her owner, she was bleeding and crying, Max was growling and me, Cory and the kids were trying to get a hold of Max.  Just crazy.  I'm ready for bed and already contemplating calling into work tomorrow.

Some start.  I'm worse off today than I was yesterday. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27th

Oh back at it again. 
I passed my Well At Dell Health Assessment finally, so we get $874 discount on my insurance and Cory already got his $900 for his assessment.  It was my mowing that did it. 
With work it's been busy and not a whole lot of free time after work and after spending time with the kids.  We did run around all over downtown Nashville the other day and that was definite exercise!
So, here I go.....