Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Veggie sandwiches

Starting this new path I am trying new things.  Some things I'm not quite sure I'll like, but I am stepping foot on the gravel.   Kathi sent me this recipe for Veggie Sandwiches and it did look good, but whole wheat bread made me think: hard and dry.  Boy was I wrong!!!!  This is probably one of the softest tender breads I've had in awhile!  And this takes no time to make.  Even after baking it when I took it out and knocked on the top it sounded like it would be hard and I cringed.  But it is like a soft pizza dough!!!!
I love it.  Owen, my son,however, scruntched up his nose and said it smelled??????  It doesn't smell at all - I think that was his objection to seeing all the veggies.  He tried three bites and just said he didn't like it.  So who knows, but I love it!  And it's not too bad for you either, I posted the nutrients at the end of the post.

 After sauteeing the vegetables and placing them on the bottom layer of the bread.

 It looks even better with a little cheddar cheese sprinkled on top

 Fresh out of the over.  See that bread looks HARD!  Psych! It's not!! 
 I like the veggies peaking out the bottom corner.

can you read that?  217 calories per slice 7.5 grams of fat.  So not tooooo bad!  And you get so many veggies:  broccolli, spinach, red peppers, and carrots.  I may try the low fat Sharp cheddar next time, but I wasn't willing to branch off that far yet!

Hope no one minds me posting things I'm finding on other sites.  I just really enjoy them and want to share! 
About to go get daughter from school and then hopefully walk.  Slight possibility we may have to grab her friend for her parents - but I promise you, that means she walks too.  ha ha ha


Kathi said...

Oh Sheri that looks so good! I am so glad you gave it a try. I definately want to give this one a try.
Hope you were able to get a walk in.

Sheri said...

I did get a walk in!!!! 2.4 miles!