Sunday, March 6, 2011


Although I walked 2 miles yesterday  I enjoyed my wine a little too much last night.  And we made homemade pizza last night.   I didn't even weigh myself this morning!
Today has been a fun filled by my daughter not being able to find her First Communion paperwork.  After discussing where it was last seen, we discovered it got mixed in with the newspapers that I took to recyling at her school this week.  You know what happened next don't you?  DUMPSTER DIVING in the recycle bin at her school!  Let me tell you I've about reached rock bottom doing that!  Wet soggy news papers in a bin taller than me on a cold Sunday afternoon.  And to top it off, we never found them!!!  luckily her teacher is can get me extra copies of everything.  I did Google the Communion Bread recipe cuz Elaine and I are responsible for making it for Ash Wednesday - which is this Wednesday!!!
Before I sad to do that, though, I bundled up, threw on my running shoes, grabbed Max and we did our 2.4 at the park!  Ya know, I know I've only been healthy about a week now, but already I can't imagine not walking at all like I was doing the week before last!  I'm truely enjoying this.
I plan to sit down tonight and plan our food for the week!  If I don't have a plan, I will grab whatever is quick - and that leads to nothing.
I am surprised after eating so healthy for a week - that a few unhealthy things impacts the scale.  I'm hoping for better numbers on Tuesday!
Off to make bread together so we can break bread together!

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