Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday and a few new meals

Well I'll start off with a little honesty.  I never made my walk that day - or sense. 

Okay with that off my chest - I tried a few new things to eat today. 
I am not a tuna fan.  Never liked it, but decided to try it many years ago, got sick cuz it was left out too long at cafe, and never ate it again since.  But my husband eats it all the time.  So when I saw the recipe in All You magazine for this tuna and fig wrap, I had to try it!  However, I had a hard time finding figs.  So when making it today, I Googled it and substituted Pomegranted Craisins I had in the pantry.  LOL  I also didn't have scallions so I used a regular onion.  Mixing it all up in the blowl, that bright red Craisins looked beautiful!
 1- 5.3oz container 2% (at least) Greek yogurt, honey flavored
1 tsp lemon zest
pepper to taste
1- 12oz can solid white tuna in water, drained
2/3 cup quartered dried figs (or 1/4-1/2 cup Pomegranted Craisins)
1/2 cup chopped walnuts, roasts (350 temp for 3-10 minutes)
1 rib celery, thinly sliced (we thought too much, would half this if not remove all together)

1/3 cup chopped fresh parsley (of 1/9th cup dried)
2 scallions or 1/4 onion chopped
large lettuce slices
10-inch multigrain wrap

Combine yogurt and lemon zest in medium bowl and season with pepper.  Stir in flaked tuna, figs, walnuts, celery, parsley and scallions.  place large lettuce leaf on open wrap, spoon tuna mixture on lettuce and roll and eat. 
280 calories, 8g fat (2g sat), 18 mg chol, 3g fiber, 33g carb, 440 mg sodium

 Cory, hubby, felt the celery (which he normally really likes) was too much in this mixture and also that the two tastes didn't go well together.  But he would like me to make it again without the celery.  I tried it, and do NOT like tuna and absolutely despise celery, but thought it tasted good!!!  I didnt even taste the celery! 

For happiness today we spent the day outside after some minor shopping, and enjoyed the pool.  My mom stopped by to visit while we were outside and I immediately remembered that on Mother's Day I didn't have a recent photo to post of us!  So I had Cory take one today.  We look like the blues momma's with our sunglasses on, but it was very sunny, very hot and very humid!

For dinner tonight I baked the new pork tenderloin I bought.  Mediterranean with garlic and olive oil.  To match it up I made Green Giants Valley Fresh Healthy Colors Steamer!  It was the Farmer's Blend with cauliflower florets, sugar snap peas, julienne carrots and dried cranberries lightly tossed in a butter sauce.   I love it - not only because of the great flavor, but the great colors!

It looks like a great country dinner, doesn't it?  Everyone loved it and there were no left overs!

Well I'm being accused of being unsocial and not family oriented, so I'd better get in the pool!  We bought a new light that changes colors and dancing while in the water, so we're gonna try it out!


Kathi said...

Love the picture of you and your mom!

Jane said...

I think your meals look wonderful! Since you really don't like tuna, why not subsitute chicken, or a different kind of left over cooked fish? Maybe some of your dad's catch of the day. I made stuffed chyotes. John was OK with it because I made double stuffing so he didn't have to admit that he was eating a green squash.