Sunday, December 11, 2011

The "Beach" ~Day 202

Lately I've been thinking about two places - which couldn't be further apart.
North Carolina and Arizona.
When Cory and I worked on the road, we lived in both these places.   At first we didn't like North Carolina cuz we were downtown Charolette - downtown any big city is nothing to write home about.  Once we got further out - in tiny towns, it was awesome and we loved it!  Always said of all the places we traveled, North Carolina would be the one place we'd consider living.
Arizona- Ugh.  Hot, sandy, cactus, hot, very open, hot, road runners, hot, tarantulas, hot.  But still it was pretty.  The sun setting down over the cacti at night, the rocks, th every openness of it all - it was beautiful.  I could never live there, though, too hot.  Although there were cooler times, Nov-Jan, it was still H-O-T!  And Nashville is hot enough in the summer to replicate and remind me why Arizona was not for me.

But today I remembered Hvegas has a beach.  So I jumped in the van and drove down.  If ever I was unsure if I liked beaches or not, this would push me over the edge to not.  the sand was mostly rock, it was a dirty area, the smoke stacks across the lake did not provide a great background.  Every shot I took, every angle I attempted, did not help to photogenically hide the bad and insinuate the good.
 I thought maybe if I could find a place around here that was serene and open and I could run my fingers iin the sand, that I don't know, maybe I could relax and think and enjoy myself.

 Yeah, not so much....
 Nice smoke stacks off to the right

And I don't EVEN want to KNOW where THIS path leads!  It's not one I'm forking onto for sure!!!

Once the thought of the beach here entered my mind, I had to try and go and see if it was a smaller replication of what I remembered.

I guess I'll keep my traveling memories in my mind and return to my yoga mat for some peace and mediation!


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