Tuesday, November 8, 2011

235 - Tosca Tuesday and Oz

Finally it's November 8th and Nookbook version of Tosca's Just the Rules is downloaded!!!  Last night about 10 the icon on my screen no longer said preordered so I thought maybe I'd get it early.  No such luck.  I just downloaded it this morning and am trying to flip through it while blogging and getting ready for work!  Did I finish her other book yet?  No, it was a very busy weekend and no reading really occured.  Will I wait?  Will I not?  Maybe I'll just flip through a thing or two!

Have you heard of this?  A friend of mine on Facebook posted she was doing the Dr Oz Transformation Nation and so, you know me, I had to check it out and then sign up!  This man is so knowledgeable!!!    Yesterday's show was how to lose 40 pounds.  OMG Sounds right up my alley!  Unfortuntely I'm not even off work when his show comes on and I don't have Tivo.  I'll have to try to catch it off his site or Hulu.

The scale is going down for me.  I'm almost where I was a few weeks ago!  But I'm drinking my lemon water, and regular water, and oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt for a snack and a honey crisp apple for my other snack and salad or turkey sandwiches for lunch.  Of course, it's only Tuesday!  ;)  Better go make my lunch!!!

P.S.  Sweet Potato Ice Cream will be ready to try tonight!!!

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