Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like CHRISTmas!!!!!

In trying to keep  my water intake up up up, I purchased this festive water cup at Walmart today.  So far my daugher and I have filled it up about 10 times! 

And, below, my Christmas nails.  This was supposed to tickle my kiddos, but I've gotten comments from auto mechanics, cashiers, and friends.

Each year we let the kids pick out some wrapping paper they like and we decorate their doors.

I particularly like my son's this year...

I'm definitely Grinchy!!!

I did decided to give in and use a great photo we had from Disney on Ice for a photo Christmas card complete with sunset palm trees and lights.  There was little room on the EDITING for lots of words, so I simply said Merry Christmas and our last name.  I must have looked at it 100 times before SENDING to get printed.  I pick them up check them out - they're fine.  I come home start writing out the envelopes with a pink matching Sharpie, and about 15 in I realize something - - I misspelled our own dang last name!!!!!
Is it any wonder I'm Grinchy?  Ah, I'll probably send them out anyway.  It's not that Im too cheap to redo them, I just couldn't care less.  And other than the couple that MAY read this blog, I doubt anyone else would even notice - it took me 100 times to catch it!

The scale dropped 1.5 pounds since Thanksgiving - and I'm thankful!
And the repercussions I feared certainly appeared a few hours later as predicted. 

Bring on more of the holidays!!!

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