Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pre-Ordered Today!!!!

Oooh Im so excited!
I just preordered Tosca's newest book from B&N for my NookColor!
I had tried to get this last week, but it wasn't available via Nookcolor.  So I clicked the button to "Suggest to publisher you want it on NOOKCOLOR!"  And vwalah, I was notified it was ready to preorder and will be available Nov 8th!  The cost?  $8.95 - not too shabby!
So I now have a triliology of Tosca books - haven't finished a full one yet!  Bwah haw haw  Almost done with The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged!  And I'm make a deal to finish this one before Nov 8TH!!!
And I've started Your Best Body Now: Look and Feel Fabulous at Any Age the Eat-Clean Way, but so far that is starting off the same.  So we'll see!
But I was very excited to share that her newest book is available for preorder!  YEAY!

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