Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today's lunch brought to you by the letter V for Veggie Tray!
I had brought a can of Progresso Sante Fe Chicken veggie soup, but one of the ladies from the other department was coming out of her meeting and asked if I wanted this.   Heck ya!
The crazy thing is, it all tastes SOOOOO GOOD!  Can you over do it and pig out on veggies?  Sans the celery - yuck!
I've been having a single egg, with sprinkle of garlic salt and SMALL pinch of cheese on a honeywheat piece of toast for breakfast every morning.  It's quick, it's easy and it's soooooo good!
The scale finally dropped a pound this morning!  Nice to finally see, but needs to keep on dropping.  I haven't done my yoga in 2 days, but am definitely gonna hit it tonight!
I always say my motivation is hard to come by.  Well today, while working, the song Porn Star Dancing came on.  ha ha ha  You can't really be sexy dancing to that song without even half way looking like those women.  And then I thought, if I could get these 40 lbs off, I'd be way closer than I am now, and how I'm robbing myself of feeling good!  Certainly this is no "How did you do it" story for Oxygen magazine or Dr Oz, ha ha, but I may have to install a stripper pole now.  JUST KIDDING!!!!!

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