Sunday, November 6, 2011

237 - Good?

Yesterday me and my husband worked our butts off, or so you'd think!  We hauled and spread 6 SCOOPS (cb sq ft each) of mulch around a big yard and then mowed a 3 acre yard.  And once we're done mowing, I get to carry the professional "blower" that weighs about 10 pounds.  We were both pooped last night (it took all day) and still pooped today.  Of course, I weighed myself this morning and somehow gained weight..  Only me, I swear!
I've noticed a few bodily/health things lately.  One, my joints hurt, my knee is tender and it feels almost like a warning - be careful, Sheri, be careful.  Dutily noted, too!  My elbows hurt!  It feels like someone is pulling the humorus apart from the ulna and radius! and the space inbetween just aches.  I think it's my joints telling me you're not getting enough water, Sheri, be careful!
Last week I could feel some of things coming on, plus the scale not going the way I want it to go.  I looked at the calendar - how long is 239 days?  It's roughy 8 months.  SHEW!  That is still a long time.  So I straightened up and started drinking my hot lemon water again in the mornings.  My innerards (ha ha ha) seem to be happy about that!  Two days of Burger King for breakfast and I could tell an addiction already happening!  So I started back on the oatmeal - it's instant, but I opted for the lowered sugar one.  I may try the regular oatmeal again, but it wasn't a great experience for me last time.  My water bottle has started going with me everywhere again, too!  I can't be whining like an 80-year old that my joints hurt!  Goodbye Diet Cokes and Diet Mt Dew's and all the cancerous fake sugars you hold!  I'm trying to tone down my coffee, too.  The lemon water in the am really helps.  I start that right away and it takes awhile to drink cuz it's so hot, so by the time I finish it, I don't have time for coffee except to go.  And I don't drink the coffee at work.  I'd like to add more sleep to my goals, but this weekend has been hard.  Also, my husband and I want to start on abs and stretching/yoga.  We both notice our stiffness and don't want to be a stone skeleton in our 40's (not that I'm 40 yet!!  ha ha ha).
Today my daughter and I had a mother daughter day and went to Mimi's Cafe.  Neither of us have been.
I was a little rushed in my decision, but got the turkey, brie, cranberry croissant (OMG didn't I just say those were bad?).  The sides weren't very healthy - fries, cole slaw, or I can't remember the last one.  I just got the fries but only had - - - are you ready - - - -TWO!  I swear in my life I only had 2 french fries.. 
This was part of their seasonal special, so I can't seem to find the nutritional value for this anywhere on line.  If anyone can, please COMMENT on it for me.  {{{sigh}}} now that I'm looking at that, Im starting to think my decision wasn't as healthy as I thought it was. 

Well here is to a healthy happy week!

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Jane said...

Why worry about what is in the past! You ate it and I hope you enjoyed it. It is a seasonal special, so not something that you can order regularly. Go forward with your lemon water and drinking more water. You may want to see if there is a mineral or vitamin deficiency which may cause joint pain. You have not had a tick bite recently, have you? Just move forward one day at a time!