Friday, December 23, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Music

I thought it'd be a wonderful idea to put together all of my favorite Christmas music to share!
Hope you enjoy it!

Wham ~Last Christmas - my ALL TIME FAVORITE Christmas song!!!

BandAid - This song ROCKS and totally blew We Are The World out the door!!!
Chris, Remember rocking out and singing this on the way to our AAPC meeting that one year??

No Doubt - Oi To The World - I love this crazy rocking song!!! **Note to your runners, it's a great song to finish up your run, I did that all through Christmas
one year - ahhh, my younger days! OI!!!!

U2- Baby Please Come Home ~Ahhh, man, brings back memories! Love this song!

O Holy Night~ Josh Groban. If this doesn't touch your soul, I don't know what will.

All I Want For Christmas - Mirah Carey - This is Elaine's favorite Christmas song - we sing and dance to it with Owen!

You betta shut yo mouth! Mele Kalikimaka by Jimmy Buffet - my dream is to listen to this on the beach on Christmas Day with a drink in my hand!!!

I like this song, but the video is the best.

Go Snoopy!!! Charlie Brown Christmas

This appears to be my song - Where Are You Christmas ~ Faith Hill

Wizards in Winter - Who doesn't love to play air piano to this?!?!?!?!

Okay, getting goofy (raunchy), but Justin Timberlake CRACKS ME UP! Dick In A Box

And wrapping it up - from this past Saturday - I Wish It Were Christmas!!!
Jimmy Fallon, Kris Catan, Jose, and Tracey Morgan - Saturday Night Live

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