Saturday, December 3, 2011

OMG What a Week

This has been a week, let me tell you!
I started my new hours 9-5:30pm.  The bonus with my job is that if I get there at 8:30am, they don't care if I start work early!  So Monday I went in at 6:30am cuz my hubby was home.  That was great!  Cuz I left early to go to an appointment at 2:30pm.  Then Tuesday was the true test day. And boy was I tested!  My son decided everyday forward he would be slow, unagreeable, fussy - you name it.  By the time I left for work I was stressed!  Got the kids to my parents house and held on to see what 8am traffic was like.  A breeze!!!!  I got to work at 8:27am one day 8:36 the next day!  But, the 5:30pm traffic is HORRENDOUS!!!  I don't get home until at least 6:30pm every day.  Thursday was an added bonus with fog thick as a wall and the temps at 32 degrees which ended up causing a 170 car accident - 45 of which were a pile up, and 1 person died.  As you can imagine, traffic was a mess!  Coming home that night - a barge ran into the bridge downtown and MORE traffic issues. Friday was a repeat of fog and frost so everyone was at a snails pace.  And this week was also month end - with a new 1/2 floor of old NICU peds, it was just a stressful week.  My jaw, my neck, my shoulders, even my ear and my throat hurt. 
So when I opened the mailbox to see this:
 I was excited!  Now I bought it for hubby for Christmas, but we broke it open last night.  I didn't get to do my yoga until this afternoon, but MAN DID IT FEEL GOOD!  Surprisingly I found my yoga sticky mat right away, rolled it out amongst the football yelling from downstairs, my daughter crunching Sunchips over the couch watching me, and a dog that sneaks up and tickles me with his whiskers as meditate.  It was wonderful.  You can see the chaos amongst me here:
 But I am excited and looking forward to doing my yoga in the morning and evening as often as possible - hopefully every day.  Even hubby is going to join me.  I talked to my daughter and she is going to do it with me, too!

Speaking of holiday stress, one of the greatest weatherman, Don Harman from Fox 4 in Kansas City took his life Tuesday night.  He apparently fought a long battle with depression.  It was shocking and so sad for so many of us that liked him!  He was always hilarious and making people laugh!

Ever since we moved to KC back in 2002, I always watched him in the morning.  The entire morning show was entertaining and fun, but he was the star!  I remember rocking the kids in the am, watching the morning show.  It became kind of joke, cuz I said he was hot in a pair of jeans.   No one else seemed to agree with me, but that was okay!  A couple of times I had emailed him regarding the antics on the show or beautiful but strange clouds out my kitchen window and he'd immediately reply!  He did tons of charity events to helps kids and adults. And he will be greatly missed!

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