Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Ever - Goodbye 2011

Sitting down for a moment on New Year's Ever - a break from cleaning out my 2nd pantry, enjoy a glass of wine, and just breathing for a moment.
Reflecting on this past year and looking into a fresh new year, 2012, I know I don't want the usual Resolutions - lose weight, sleep more, spend less - blah blah blah.
I thought about my resolution last week.  It's simple, yet encompasses it all!

My New Years Resolution is simply..... To Be Happy!

That might seem ridiculous, but I don't really focus on MY happiness.  I focus on the kids happiness, my husband's happiness, making friends and coworkers happy, my family happy.  Enough!  I'm putting me first (and of course my kids, ha ha ha).  So everyday I need to make decisions to make myself happy.

Silly, but prime example today - we go to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.  There are 2 lines, one has two vehicles in it, and one has none.  Of course we go to the one that is empty.  The machine looks complicated, has warnings on it.  My husband says I'm just gonna shut this, I said no, let's just go inside.  He seemed confused, but I knew, sitting there waiting for the person to get to us, to then tell us how to use the machine, and exchanging medicine and debit/insurance card through a drive through bank-like overhead machine was going to end up ticking me off.  It was much easier and less stressful to just go inside.  And wha-lah!  It was!  Even my husband said, "Good thinking, babe!"

In the pursuit of happiness, I'm also giving up coffee.  Don't freak out - that'll be my job.  Four weeks ago I gave up Sweet N Low (other than if I have Starbucks insanely strong coffee - which is rare).  I didn't think i could do it, but all the warnings etc about cancer I just needed to stop.  I ran out of Sweet N Low and just didn't buy anymore.  I do, however, still use Creamora Pumpkin Spice creamer.  Not necessarily a good trade off, but considering I was using both Sweet N Low AND the Creamora, it's better.  I've been steadily increasing my tea - I like Twinings Chai tea.  Oh it's so good!  Well today, I found Twinings Chai Pumpkin Spice tea - so we'll see if I like that!
My Chai and then y new Pumpkin Spie Chai teas
Around the corner I grabbed our new container of coffee.  When we got to the check out I looked at the tea and looked at the coffee and asked my husband, "You ready to go cold turkey?"  His eyes got big as he took into consideration what I was asking, and said, "Yeah, let's do it!"  So I handed him the container of ground coffee, he set it aside and that was that!  We have enough ground coffee at home for ONE MORE pot of coffee (perfect since tomorrow is New Year's Day).
 The last of our ground coffee

I'm not saying I'll never have coffee, but I'm looking forward to giving the old coffee pot a rest, and increasing the use of my awesome red tea kettle. 
Another item that is going to get some rest -  wine!  GASP!  I know, I know, everyone just get yourself together!  We'll get through this!!!  ha ha ha  Hubby and I have decided to enjoy our wine on the weekends only.  We did buy a box of wine today for New Year's Eve, but it had better be full and waiting for us next Friday, too!!!
I believe in evenness, ying/yang, what goes up, must come down, one door closes/another door opens.  So when I decrease my coffee, I increase my tea.  If I'm decreasing my wine, I need to increase my water!!!  Balance, I like that - it makes me happy; and, I look forward to yet another fork in this path I call my own.

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