Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Good morning!
It's a cold and foggy day here.  This is the view out my patio - I love it!!!
No Black Friday shopping for me.  I attempted to go last night - I thought Target opened at 9pm.  WRONG~ Target opened at midnight and the line was already forming at 9pm!  I just came home and snuggled on the couch.
Well I weighed in today.  W-O-W!!!!  That scale is nasty nasty truth teller for sure!  I did have a pretty decent Thanksgiving dinner, as you can see below -
but it was the snacking that did me in.  I'm not going to beat myself up too much cuz I know this was holiday weight gain and I can probably drop it rather quickly!  One of the gifts I ordered for my husband last night was the AM/PM Yoga set I have on VHS, but now in DVD format.  We both want to start stretching and yoga is the best way to do that!  I even have hopes of doing Wii today and seeing what my fitness level says - I'm sure it doesn't correspond correctly, but it'd be activity, right?
My daughter has been sneezing and sniffling for 4 days now and my husband woke up shivering so much his muscles were actually twitching.  I'm quite sure he has the flu and am quite sure I'm glad I got a flu shot!

As far as happiness - well I enjoyed my Thanksgiving almost stress free.  However, like Ive been told and taught, there are consequences for everything.  Not everyone appreciated my inner family Thanksgiving yesterday.  I'm quite sure repercussions are looming just a few hours away.....

I am no longer on Facebook (follow me on Twitter- fooshmama) so I'll prob post more here.  One thing I always enjoyed on FB was sharing photos.  So I guess I'll start sharing some here now as part of my happiness - - -
These are from this morning along with the beautiful shot of the tree I posted at the top!

Another shot I love- the dew on the grass looks like shimmering diamonds when the sun hits it!

I was trying to capture the ever so delicate spider web across the bird feeders.  I just couldn't capture it on film the way I could clearly see it with my eyes.

And this is just funny - Milo wants in and Max wants out.  
I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

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Jane said...

I love your posts and especially your pictures! Sure do wish I understood how Twitter worked. You know me and my techno-challenges. Thoughts and prayers that Cory gets to feeling better really soon. I don't think I've known him to EVER be that sick.