Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BLOOD - Day 151

I donated blood Sunday for a family friend who is in desperate need of it.  Would I give, I was asked?  Absolutely! was my response!  What greater gift?  It's easy to go in, sit down,  relax and pump out some blood.  But imagine being on the receiving end.  Whether it be a long term necessity, like my friend.  Or it be an immediate life dependent need!!!  To be in a situation, that is already scary and knowing, it's something you need, it's something you can't provide for yourself (at the given emergent moment) and without it, your life is in real danger.  It's amazing something so nonchalant on one end can be the most important gift you can receive on the other end.  And by giving it you can save a life.  How often do you get to do that?!

After giving blood Sunday, I was tired and even ***gasp*** napped!!!  This is another bonus of giving blood.  They tell you don't lift anything heavy (groceries, vacuum cleaners, dishes, laundry, etc).  Then a sweet lady usually is waiting for you by the snack table.  Yes, they WANT and EXPECT you to drink juice or soda and eat cookies and snacks!  It's a free pass to eat sweets!!!!!  Plus you usually get a cool sticker with complete instructions on how to treat you!

Our church routinely has blood drives and gives me a coupon for a free pint of ice cream every time I donate a pint of blood!  I have type O blood~ the universal blood type.  Which means, no matter what your blood type is, you can take my blood!  So I'm a hot commodity!!!  Ha Ha Ha

I urge you to think about and go ahead and donate blood if you don't already!  Take one look at your spouse, significant other, children, your parents, other family and friends and ask yourself, What wouldn't you give if their life depended on a donar's, like yourself, blood.

Please click below or contact your local American Red Cross to sign up to save a life!

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