Monday, January 30, 2012

152 - Steel cut vs 1 minute quick Oats & Baked Oatmeal - REVISED

***I updated this with the nutritional info listed at the bottom***

I keep hearing how much better steel cut oats are for you than regular oats.  I had wanted to finish the quick-1 minutes oates I still had, but was intrigued by the healthier ones, so caved and bought them.

When I opened the lid my immediate reaction was, "What the heck?"  They don't even look like oats - they're like tiny pieces of....I don't know, something.  HA HA HA  The regular oats are on the left, the steel cut are on the right (below)

Close up of the steel cut - even though I used my "close up" cam (ha ha) it's still a bit blurry. 
But they're not soft and thin like the regular oats.

Regular oats close up cam...

Okay so I had a recipe for baked oatmeal.  I decided this would be the perfect way to start off with my steel oats. 

The night before I mixed 3 cups of steel oates, 3/4 brown sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon..

then mixed in , 3/4 stick melted butter, 1.5 cups low fat vanilla yogurt.
Stir together and cover with plastic wrap overnight. 
Leave on counter.  YES leave on the counter overnight.

In the morning in a separate bowl mix together 1 cup of milk (I used skim), 2 eggs beaten, 2 tsp baking powder, and 1 tsp salt...

Then add the liquid mixture into the oat mixture...

Then pour into greased GLASS baking dish. 

Bake at 350 degrees for about 20-30 minutes...

until the edges look a little browned and center about set.

Oooh it is so good!!!  perfect for a sunny Sunday morning!

I was a little shocked by the look of the oats, and then the texture taste of the oats threw me - like tapioca pudding balls, for lack of a better description.  But it is good!!!!!  

After adding this recipe to, I thought I'd share it here!  Gotta know what we're eating, right?

1/9th of the pan = 1 serving
Calories - 265
Carbs - 39g (wow!!!!)
Fat - 9g
Protein - 6g


Kathi said...

Oh my does that look good. Must come up with a way to veganize this.

Sheri said...

I was thinking about that as I was typing out the recipe! I think it can be done!

Jane said...

That really does look good!