Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why I Don't Make Mashed Potatoes Very Often

I love potatoes - we've discussed this haven't we? 
Many years ago I learned the trick to good mashed potatoes ~ butter.  Well, and of course, salt.

I try to use Yukon Gold potatoes when available, although any good potato will work.  I dice them up and boil them in salty water until tender.

 In goes the salt!  I can't believe I caught the flow of the salt in this shot! Look at the butter start to melt.

Get out the mixer and get to mashin!!!  Not smooth enough - *don't add milk* add more butter!!

The end result?  Beautiful rich smooth mashed potatoes.  I've never met a soul who hasn't loved them yet.

Why am I posting such a bad thing?  Cuz I don't make them very often!  I maybe make these potatoes 3-4 times a year, if that.  Usually for Thanksgiving or Easter and then once or twice just for the occasion.  Tonight my husband wanted a big steak, and what goes better with a big steak than potatoes?

I had a big spoonful, but then that was it!  I've learned a little restraint.  In the old days, I could have had a heaping helping of these! 

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oooh you might love my friend caroline's recpe!