Friday, February 25, 2011


Today was another shoulder tension, neck stiff, drama, still stressful day.  I think, however, the drama is finally over.  Why do women thrive on drama?  Why do we all say we are tired of the drama and gauff when someone else is telling their drama story agreeing it's just too much.  But then turn around the second something is not perfect in our own lives and make it into drama instead facing the issue head on, discussing it like a mature women and try to find a peaceful resolution instead of whining, name calling and stomping feet like a two year old temper trantrum?
The rain started here last night with LOUD cracks of thunder and lightning wel into this morning, then into the afternoon, and to start again shortly this evening.  At 4pm I knew if I didn't get out and walk, rain or not, right then I wouldn't any exercise in again today.  So I saddled up Max in his harness, threw on my tennis shoes and semi-rain proof hoodie jacket and off I went.  It wasn't really the relaxing therapeutic walk I had hoped for.  It's been so long since I walked or exercised, instead of it feeling good, I felt all my aches and tightness.  But then as I came around the corner, this is the new that I had:
A long path, rainy, gray and it's hard to see in this photo, but at the top of this path where it's whitish gray?  That is fog.  Could this be MORE a parallel to my own path I'm starting right now?  I just loved the view and had to take a photo for My Path.  I wish I knew how to make it the background.
Once I got home it was time to make dinne.  I already knew I wanted to try Tosca Reno's Parchment Chicken but didn't want to risk the panick and refusal of the kids and hubby to eat it.  So they got fish sticks, rice and green beans and I started my chicken.  It was easy, colorful and SO TENDER and juicy!  I highly recommend it.  Of course,  I was made fun of for taking a picture of  my food, but I wanted to share it.

Tosca Reno's Parchment Chicken (click this for the recipe)

We had really bad storms last night - thunderstorm warnings, then tornado watches, then tornado warnings, so at 9:45pm we woke up the kids and hurried over to my parents house who have a nice finished basement to ride out the storm.  They weather man acted like it was to be really bad and emergent, but it blew through quickly and other than large limbs all over our yards and lack of sleep since we all slept in our bed, we're okay.  Thank God!

So the day ended with finalizing the drama, getting out and going for walk, trying and loving a new dish, and dodging some bad storms!  I'd say that is a good day!

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