Saturday, February 26, 2011

Same Ole Situation....

It seems every time (and literally , not dramatically) I start a new exercise or health program/routine, I start off getting hurt.  Now I know you can't over do things when you first begin although you feel adrenaline shooting through your veins with excitement and determination.  But you have all read my post from my walk Thursday.  How RIDICULOUS is it that ever since I went on that short, leisurely  walk, my knee has been popping, cracking, sending me a shot of pain from nowhere (only to quickly disappear) and now today it really hurts to even walk on it.  I feel like the front left part of my knee is gonna pop out.  How can that pathetic walk do ANY damage to ANY part of my body?  I dug through the closet in our bathroom filled with every sized ACE wrap you can find from my many knee surgeries and wrapped my knee thinking support will help it.  So far nothing, but apparently it's too tight cuz I can feel my blood pulsing in my leg.  ha ha ha
I need to do some searching on recooperation and strength exercises for my knee.  People have had much worse things done to their knee than my ACL tear and 5 sections of the meniscus cut out or stitched back up. 
Again, this is ridiculous! 

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