Thursday, February 24, 2011

Raindrops - -drip drip plop

I'm looking at some differnt aspect of health and trying to read everything I can  - blogs, website, books. 
I came across Tosca Reno's Blog:  Which looks pretty interesting.  She went from frumpy, fat, 40-something housewife, to bestselling author, fitness model, and columnist all by Eating Clean!  Knowing me, I went straight to my Nookcolor to purchase her book, but, yet again, came up disappointed that it is not on the Search for Nookbooks.  I went to the library website, and snort - we all know they rarely have a book we want. has it shipped for $15.38, but I bought a Nookcolor so I wouldn't continue to collect stacks of books all over the house.  I'll just read her blog for now.

I've started eatting lots of salads and chicken.  I love chicken and salad, but I love my dressing, too!  Man I found a new dressing I really really love and that only has 30 calories a TBSP!!!  It's Paula Deen's Garlic Vinegarette Olive Oil Dressing.  I've yet to need to the 2 TBSP serving amount on the good sized bowl of salad I'm eating - and I'm one who likes a lot of dressing.  It's like the Seinfeld episode with the Low Fat Yogurt.  ha ha ha  I'm gonna have to send this off to the lab for verification!  But the dressing is really very very good! Despite it's called garlic, I swear it has a sweet taste!

Also I'm on a Multi-Grain Cheerio kick. I swear this cereal is so good I can't believe it's healthy for you. It has to have some sweet coating on it, cuz it's not dry and bland. And it's 110 calories perserving - 150 with skim milk.

I had every intention of getting outside yesterday.  I really just wanted to go for a walk.  I haven't done that in quite awhile.  With everything going on, I never got to go, though.  I thought, like Scarlet, I'll walk tomorrow.  Of course, now we are in the midst of a flood warning and the water is already filling in the back corner of the driveway and the yard, although on a low grade slant, as the rain comes down in sheets.  So I have to figure out if I don my KUMC rain coat and suck it up and walk or not.
I'm trying to make changes, I'm slowly starting down this new path...

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