Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Happiness Part

Two issues arise already today that fall into the Happiness category.  A one -sided arguement with an old friend and my son's need for speech therapy.  For the friend, I cannot seem to make them understand my thoughts and how I feel, even when I clearly tell them how I feel, they still get it wrong.   Although I don't want it to be a big issue, it is weighing heavily on me this morning morning and into my afternoon, if no other reason than emails still keep coming in.  So I'm sure it also falls into a Health issue as well - unwanted stress.  For sweet little Owen, I just hate that any mar is upon him.  Earache after earache after earache when he was 2 and then 3.  And the thought that during that time, he couldn't hear well, and so he couldn't listen well, and so he missed out on developmental processes.  That hurts as a mom.  But at least he's getting into a speech class and hopefully all of this will be resolved within a year.
As far as health - I'd like to just walk out my office door and head down my gravel driveway and go for a loooong walk to clear my head.  Unfortunately all the above mentioned has consumed my day and now it's about time for my second job, as mom and wife to start.  I don't even want my soup - and I love my soup.
One more Happiness part - I made a new friend today.  And if that isn't a good thing, I don't know what is!

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