Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I think I have it.  The "fear" or anxiety of talking on the phone.  Am I alone on this?  Now a phone certainly poses a necessity for things, but just to chit chat - it makes my skin crawl.  And I'm getting worse!   I totally blame IM, chats, texts, and Facebook for this.  I recently got an email that an old friend of mine's mother died.  I was clueless how to contact her, so, of course, I consulted the search on Facebook.  Sure enough found her, requested to be her "friend" and today in my email is a message from her from FB.  She was glad to hear from me, asked for my number so that we could catch up.  Immediately I felt anxiety  - would she want to talk on the phone forever, what if she calls while I'm working, what if she calls when I'm getting the kids, etc.  I cannot multi-task as well when I'm on the phone.  I can email, text, work, and let the dog out all at the same tim, but the clear connection on a phone while doing that is too much.
Hmmm,  this is sounding crazy, isn't it?  Back to my dungeon.
And since I'm just starting this blog, for those that don't already know "my dungeon" reference - I work from home and my office is 3 steps down from the rest of the house.  I put on my headphones, and tune out the world while I work.  Thus the term - my dungeon.  And the walls are grey. 

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