Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mind Games

My knee seemed much better after the morning yesterday.  I took off my ACE wrap and went about my day as normal.  What exactly was that all about?!  Now and then I feel the "warning" jolt, but the family and I went for a walk again yesterday, although not as long, and it felt great!  No knee issues.  I'm loving being out in this cold rainy spring air!!! 
Today in church was about not worrying.  Not worrying about clothing, or food.  Not worrying about tomorrow because tomorrow will come with it's own worries.  Is that the truth, or what?  Each day seems to be a Russian Roulette of what is to come - good or bad.  My friend and the things she said still weighs heavily on my mind, which alone upsets me.  Talking with my husband last night I understood that perhaps one of the things she said may be a little true.  I feel I don't fit into my surroundings well.  When we first moved here in 1984, I definitely did not fit in, but for different reasons.  20 years later, I once again feel like I don't fit in. 
We came home from church only to find our labrador has chewed up ANOTHER XBox controller.  So that makes 2 XBox controllers and 2 Wii remotes.  And not 3 feet away lies his Nylabone...and my chewed up Shape magazine.  I'm at a loss for what to do. 
Last Sunday after church I was so happy, but this Sunday I just feel blah.  Alas, we are all about to go for a walk before more of the bad storms roll in.  It could be another concerning night.  So just as the Bible said it would, this day has come with it's own worries.  Who can think about tomorrow.

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