Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rainy Day

Wow it is a cold rainy day here in Nashville!  48 degrees and wet!!!!
I haven't walked since Friday.  Yesterday I had so much running around to do, I didn't get to walk. I didn't really sit down until I hopped in the hot bath to warm up last night!  Then today we were to resume our walking routine, and it's just a down pour.  All morning long so far.  Phyllis, my walking buddy, who is hard core, even said she wasn't walking.  She walked her little dog to go potty and came in soaked.  So I don't feel so bad. 
We bought a rain gauge last week and it's so darn pretty.  We are already wearing it out, though!  This was it this morning at 9:30am.  almost 4 1/2" inches since Monday morning.  And it's already filling up some since I dumped it out.  As you can see, with the cooler weather and all this rain, our grass glows!!!

Because it is so cool today, I wanted something warm and hearty, yet healthy to eat.  Yesterday I had decided to start eating oatmeal.  And not my usual instant sugary sweet apple cinnamon or maple brown sugar, but the good old fashioned Quaker oatmeal.  The foot tall tube seemed too big of a feat to attack just starting out.  Apparently others felt the same way, cuz the half foot tall tubes were all gone.  But there were half foot tall tubes of the 1-minute old fashioned  oats - not the instant ones.  So I grabbed those.  Today I set my beautiful red tea kettle over the flame and started getting my oats ready.  1/2 cup oats, 2 tbsp ground flax seed, and got out my frozen blueberries.  I poured 1 cup of boiling water over the oats and let them cook.  While waiting for the oats, I discovered a frozen blueberry is a good treat!  Cuz it's frozen you can't pop a handful into your mouth.  Instead I sucked on an individual blueberry until it was thawed and could be eatten.  And it tasted so good!!!

After my oats cooked, I toss in the flaxseed and mixed well.  Then a dash of cinnamon, mixed well,  and topped with the blueberries. 

I'm gonna be honest, it is definitely not instant apple cinnamon oatmeal.  BUT, I know this is better for me.  I think the consistancy of it hit me first.  It's mushy.  But then, there was no super sugary sweet taste.  Once the blueberry thawed in the hot oats, that really added flavor!!!  I ate the whole bowl and will do so again tomrrow.

That is my healthy tidbit for today. 
Now I have 2 awesome Happy bits!

Last night we were getting a quick and late dinner going - the Morning Star Griller's Prime Veggie burgers the whole family loves so much.  While I was getting the burger topped, Elaine watching me said, "Mommy you're so healthy!"  That meant soooooo much to me.  I just stopped what I was doing and looked at her.  I know she is seeing the changes I'm making.  She seems me making them for all of us and she's seeing the changes are good!  Good for us, as in more fun activities and good for us, as in it can all still tastes good!!  I gave Elaine a great big hug and told her I was trying really hard and thanked her so much!
Then today, I got an email from my husband.  He wanted me to know that he has noticed I'm slimming down and getting fit.  I was floored and so happy, once again!  These are BIG THINGS!  The people I care about, that care about me, are noticing my efforts and their effects. 
It may be rainy and cold outside, but I am warmed all the way down to my heart!!!!

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Kathi said...

I just love this post. It made me smile! I was happy to hear that you add oatmeal. I some times add a banana while it the regular oatmeal cooks it helps sweeten it up and makes in creamy. SO good!