Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is a big week weight~wise.    Tonight is the Biggest Loser finale.  And Thursday is my personal blog with friends Memorial Day Melt Down finale.
Last week I went out on a limb and said I'd drop 3 pounds.  That night I went to bed and woke up thinking, "Why did I do that?!?!"    I haven't lost 3 pounds in one week ever (that I know of).
Tonight watching Biggest Loser these people are losing between 80-100+ lbs in five months.  So I went back to my original weigh in back in September and I've lost 5 pounds in 9 months.  WTH!?!?!
I feel like I've made big strides in the past 2 months.  But then I realize it's only 5 pounds!!!
My diet has changed.  My exercise has GREATLY improved!!! 
I walked around the park with hubby and kids yesterday 1.4 miles.  I remember that was monumental 2 months ago.  I'm walking 5 miles almost daily!
But then again, I haven't walked since last Thursday and now the kids get out of school for the summer tomorrow.  I can't walk 5 miles every morning any more.
maybe that is part of it.  Im feeling a little nervous or panicky about losing my 5 miles?
Ugh.  I dunno.
I guess I'll go back and look at my diet again.  I just didn't realize I had to make zero mistakes and watch every single thing I put into my mouth.

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