Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Out of my mind

I accidentally posted this on my Biggest Loser blog of my friends rather than here.  That shows you how out of my mind I am. 


I feel crazy right now.
I got up and had breakfast.  Then walked 4.6 miles in the heat and humidity WITH my water bottle. 

I drank constantly.  But man it was hot - 94 today!  After I walked I was starving and the fridge held no promise.  It was 12:20pm and I had a 1pm conference call.  What can I grab quick and fast that isn't too bad for you?  I drove through Taco Bell and got 2 soft Fresco Beef Tacos.  And I grabbed a baja blast Mt Dew - OMG I love this cool blue refreshing drink.  Not the best lunch and definitley the soda was a no no, which I normally don't have a problem avoiding, but Baja Blue?  I had to.  The tacos didn't taste very good.  Usually they're pretty light and refreshing - the Fresco makes it good.  And no cheese, either!  It was weird.  After my meeting running around, drinking lots and lots of water.  About 4pm, I started getting shaky and grouchy and hungry and impatient.  I thought oh I'm bottoming out from sugar!  Grrrrrr!  So again, quick quick quick.  My son asked if we could have pizza tonight.  I agreed cuz I always make a humongo salad when we have pizza.  We got the beef, sausage, green pepper, olive onion pizza.  I even dug into it (uncooked) on the way home - eating the veggies and cheese like I hadn't eaten in days!  I got home and threw it in the oven and started on the salad.  Finally I sat down and gobbled the salad and then a slice of the pizza - but it doesn't taste good!  Bland.
This has happened to me once before.  I start eating healthy and then all the things I used to like that were bad, stop tasting good.  I guess my body says, Ewwww!  What is this processed, sugared, additived anti-food you're giving me.  Although I'm glad that happens, it's very disappointing when you think you really want something that is going to taste good, but then, it's just wasted empty calories, cuz it wasn't worth it at all.

Now, as I sit here, my tummy's upset, I'm light headed and I just don't feel right.  What a crazy day!
I think I'll go back to oatmeal tomorrow.  See if that straightens me out!

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Jane said...

Well, tomorrow's a new day. With any luck, you my puke. I would suggest flushing your system with plenty of water--- maybe some green tea, or you could really push yourself over the edge and have some hot lemon water. I'm glad that you are feeling all of the changes you have made. I'll bet the "reasonable" Sheri will reign tomorrow!