Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Revival

Last night I decided to take a nice hot bath filled with lavendar epsom salts hoping to ease the fire in my shins.  And it certainly worked!  I have no idea what makes epsom salts work, and really I don't need to know, I'm just glad they do!  Plus this lavendar one that, believe it or not I find at Walmart, makes me sleep sooooo sound!  I felt like I was steam rolled into last night I slept so hard! 

Today no pain, but I am going to keep a constant flow of Ibuprofen in my system for about a week to be sure my shins are healed.  
No walk today, but we did garage sale through my parents and Phyllis' neighborhood.  So we did quite a bit of walking!  Found a few cute things for the house and the kids each picked up a few steals.  I'm not much on finding things at garage sales, but lucked out this time.
I was home sitting her working and got woozy and light headed.  Then it dawned on me, DUH!!  I haven't even eatten today.  I was so worried about getting food into my husbands belly before he left for mowing, and food into my son's belly so he'd be good to go for his football game, and feeding my daughter's bottomless stomach, but I totally forgot about me!  And sure enough by this time, I'm looking for anything and something fast.  Opened the fridge raw chicken - healthy, but too long to cook.  Cottage cheese, but that made my belly flip for whatever reason just thinking about it.  So I grabbed the Tupperware container with my mothers' homemade baked mosstacholi that I specifically said I didn't want cuz I knew something like this will happen.  So I made a poor choice because I was unprepared.  Good lesson here.  Always keep your fridge and pantry stocked with quick healthy ready to eat foods!  Apples, stuff for a salad, granola (to tide off hunger while I cooked that healthy chicken).  So while typing this, that mostacholi was cooking in the mircrowave, and when I typed up all these ideas of good things to eat, I left it in the microwave and chopped up a salad.  So ANOTHER good lesson here.  Sometimes a little waiting and thinking, can steer you in the right direction.  I ended up making a good choice after all!
But, the military says, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  And I believe, they are right!

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